Peter Diamondstone, Founder of Liberty Union Party, Dead at Age 82

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Peter Diamondstone, age 82, died on August 30. He founded the Vermont Liberty Union Party in 1970 and ran for a statewide office in Vermont every two years since then. See this obituary, which has a nice quote about Diamondstone from Bernie Sanders. Thanks to James Mahoney for this news.

One thought on “Peter Diamondstone, Founder of Liberty Union Party, Dead at Age 82

  1. Gene Berkman has an article on the founding of The Liberty Union Party, which first ran candidates in 1970 and continues to run candidates to this day:

    Peter Diamondstone ran every two years from 1970 to 2016, as indicated by this profile @

    In 2012, I watched on CSPAN a debate of Vermont Senate candidates; Sen. Bernie Sanders and 5 challengers. The Republican candidates was John MacGovern, who was critical of the Republicans and the Democrats; MacGovern endorsed Gary Johnson in 2016.

    There were 3 more on stage: Chris Ericson, perenial candidate of the Vermont Marijuana Party, who actually had a pretty conservative platform on tax and spend issues; a candidate advocating Vermont independence, and Peter Diamondstone.

    In among Peter Diamondstone’s socialist and new left talking points, he brought up the Federal Reserve. He said “We have to get rid of the Federal Reserver. Every time the Federal Reserve prints a dollar bill, the dollars in your wallet are worth less.” Rare to hear such a clear free market viewpoint in a political debate.

    Results of the US Senate race in Vermont, with totals for 6 candidates @

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