Socialist Alternative Candidate Running in Minneapolis City Council Race

Ginger Jentzen is running for Minneapolis City council as a candidate of the Socialist Alternative Party. Jentzen, a first time political candidate, has a background in community organizing and had played a leading role in the campaign for establishing a $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis. She is running in the 3rd Ward against two Democratic Farmers-Labor candidates, Tim Bildsoe and Steve Fletcher, and Green Party candidate Samantha Pree-Stinson. She has raised over $140,000 for her campaign, which is claimed to be the largest amount raised for a city council campaign in Minneapolis history. Jentzen’s campaign positions include support for expanding affordable housing, establishing city rent control policies, increasing city taxes on millionaires, real estate developers, banks, and large companies, and ensuring the enactment of the $15 minimum wage policy.

More detailed information can be found in the following articles:
Article on the candidate from The Intercept
Article on fundraising from City Pages


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    Welcome on board!

    Brief note on categories: “Third parties general” means things that apply to all alt (“third”) parties rather than any one in particular. I didn’t see that here so I took it out of that category. However, I did see a Green Party candidate also mentioned, so I added the Green Party category.

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