Gary Johnson: ‘Americans Are Not Under-Taxed’

From The Jack News:

Once again, the politicians in Washington, DC, just don’t get it. Right now, the Senate and the House are negotiating to reconcile the respective tax bills they have passed — with a self-imposed deadline of finishing by December 22.

Reasonable people are finding things to like and dislike about these tax reform proposals. The devil is in the details, and several thousand lobbyists are busily engaged in influencing those details… and undoubtedly mucking them up beyond comprehension.

To me, pretty much any proposal that reduces the amount of money the government sucks out of the private economy is better than the status quo. Personally, I have long preferred a shift to a consumption tax rather than continuing to tax productivity and profit. But I have also long recognized that such a dramatic change would require more courage than Congress is capable of summoning.

The tax reform debate leaves out a key element: cutting spending

Regardless, the debate over the current proposals is a great example of what I believe to be Congress’ most fundamental problem: An absolute refusal to actually do anything about federal spending.

The prevailing angst over the tax bills stems from the projections from various groups that cutting taxes will increase the federal deficit by a trillion dollars or more over the next 10 years. They are playing with all kinds of gimmicks and “offsets” to try to reduce that imbalance.

I am as concerned as anyone — and probably more concerned than most — about the debt and chronic deficits. $20 trillion in debt is unsustainable, and adding to it is unacceptable. Period.

HOWEVER, the cause of our debt is not that Americans are under-taxed. It is the simple fact that the politicians of both parties continue to spend and create money we don’t have. Yet, nowhere in the conversation about the tax bills or the threat that they might add to the debt is a serious proposal to do the obvious: Cut spending.

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2 thoughts on “Gary Johnson: ‘Americans Are Not Under-Taxed’

  1. DJ

    There is more than one thing at play here.

    First is cutting taxes. That’s a no-no. The fed reserve uses IRS collections to pay down the debt owed it, which at times requires printing more currency it can use.

    That ain’t gonna change.

    Two, changing tax laws is a placebo to voters for and against.
    Some claim to want to lower, others claim it’ll kill us if they do. The argument plays into the hands of politico’s to confirm their beliefs which they sell as “only we (R or D) can help”.

    Three, the fed reserve “needs” the revenue to “loan” to other countries since they won’t accept promises.
    That’s not gonna change in our lifetime. As long as the fed reserve notes are “the” medium of exchange the fed reserve will continue to loan to DC and debt will be irrelevant. Tax payers aren’t going away and tax payers are the collateral for the promisory note(s).

    It is a created vicious circle that can’t be allowed to not be sustained since the entire world is dependent on “our” tax base. There is no way the “debt” can ever be repaid. I’ve seen numbers saying up to 3 generations are in debt. That was few years back. That “personal” debt may, and will no doubt, increase, but, so will income. Income is always the last to increase, but, increase it does. I’m talking about numbers on the pay check, not a percentage based on an arbitrary point in time. And no, I’m not defending, just explaining.

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