Saratogian: “Sharpe mounts campaign to challenge Cuomo”

The Saratogian reports on Larry Sharpe’s campaign for Governor of New York

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. >> Larry Sharpe has a steep hill to climb and even if he gets there, it’s still only part way toward his ultimate goal.

The Queens resident, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, plans to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo in November as the Libertarian Party candidate.

Sharpe admits he has a slim chance of winning, but believes 10 percent of the vote would provide a solid base for mounting a winning campaign four years from now, unless, of course, he somehow pulls off a stunning upset this time around.

“If you watched (the governor’s) State of the State address, the first thing he did was lament about what a terrible position New York state is in,” said Sharpe, 49, who founder and owner of a business executive training firm, Neo-Sage Forum. “What he failed to mention is, I’ve been in charge of all this bad stuff for the last seven years. This is his biggest vulnerability.”

Roughly one million people have left the state since 2010, making Florida the country’s third-most populous state in place of New York.

“We have less people than them and our budget is almost double,” Sharpe said. “That’s embarrassing.”

Libertarians, which emphasize protecting individual rights and promoting smaller, more local government, are the nation’s third largest party behind Democrats and Republicans. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson garnered nearly 4.5 million votes, or roughly 3.3 percent of votes cast in the 2016 presidential election.

Johnson and 2016 running mate Bill Weld, the former Massachusetts governor, have both endorsed Sharpe’s candidacy. Weld narrowly defeated Sharpe as the party’s 2016 vice presidential candidate.

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