LNC EC call on LPCT petition drive, Today, 9PM ET

There will be an Executive Committee Meeting to discuss time-sensitive
CT ballot access issues
Date: Thursday July 12, 2018
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern/6:00 pm Pacific
This will be held via teleconference.

Conference Dial-in: 712-770-8044

Conference Code: 396415
This is not a confidential meeting and any Party member may attend.
Staff, please post this to the calendar.

In Liberty,
Caryn Ann Harlos
Libertarian Party and Libertarian National Committee Secretary
– [1]Caryn.Ann. Harlos@LP.org or Secretary@LP.org.
Chair, LP Historical Preservation Committee – LPedia@LP.org
A haiku to the Statement of Principles:
We defend your rights
And oppose the use of force
Taxation is theft

Emailed to LNC from myself and forwarded by Bill Redpath. Note: NOT an IPR editorial.

Two corrections.

I misspelled Alex’s last name due to a typo and not having it in my email contacts yet and I should not have described Michael’s conditional pledge as a donation that already happened. Typed too fast, sorry. Someone please forward to rest of LNC. paulie

On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 12:16 PM, Paul Frankel wrote:

Bill or other LNC members, would you please also forward my plan?

I believe only 10k gross sigs are needed, of which 4,000 have been collected and additional 2,250 pledged.

Remaining 15,000 usd.

If LNC commits to half of that that is $7,500. Hopefully that is a lot more palatable to LNC than the $18k plus in Chris’s plan.

Can you or anyone else contact …. and other max level donors before LNC call to see if they would be willing to match …..’s donation and knock that number down further? LPCT folks please be on the call tonight. I will be and will ask to be recognized.

Feel free to also share with LNC my offer. Unfortunately I am not in a financial position to pledge anything off the bat, but if I manage to collect 1,000 paid and still have time before the Aug 8 deadline my next 250 sig after that are volunteer.

Paul Frankel 205-534-1622 and I will be happy to talk with LNC members, anyone willing to consider a pledge or anyone who has questions any time today.


On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 11:45 AM, Bill Redpath wrote:
The LPCT petition has a slate of candidates: Governor & Lt. Governor
(I don’t know if it is a ticket), Treasurer, Comptroller & Secretary of
State. The LPCT does not have an Attorney General candidate. Here is
the website for the Governor candidate:


The LPCT needs 7,500 valid sigs and the deadline is Wed, August 8.

The LPCT states that it currently has 4,000 gross sigs. The sigs have
been loaded into a Dropbox. If I have time before the 9PM ET call
tonight, I will try to verify the 4,000 gross sig count. It is my
understanding that Rod Hanscomb, the Governor candidate, whom I met in
New Orleans and am very impressed with, has gathered 3,000 gross sigs
himself so far, with the other 1,000 coming from volunteers.

There are pledges of more gross sigs to be gathered (contingent on a
plan being in place for petition drive success–which probably means
some LNC subsidization). I call these “Personally Responsible” sigs,
meaning that the person pledges to gather or pay for these number of
sigs: Chastain 1,000, Redpath 250, Hanscomb 500, Theibault (Lt. Gov.
candidate) 250, Reale (LPCT Chair) 250. That sums to 2,250 gross
sigs. I have urged the LPCT to try to increase that number before the
meeting tonight.

The LPCT validity checking just started Monday evening. I have no
feedback on that yet. Hopefully, there will be some on the call
tonight. However, historically, CT has been a high (75%+) validity
state, but to achieve that, petitioners need to stay out of New Haven
and Bridgeport.

In a separate email, I will forward Christopher Thrasher’s petitioning
plan that he presented in a Monday night phone call. He calls for
9,000 more gross sigs to be gathered, although I think that is
overkill. Of course, that will depend on validity feedback.


Bill Redpath


1. https://rodforctgov.com/

Additional discussions are available on the LNC list today.

https://lpct.nationbuilder.com/donate is the link for anyone wishing to donate.

22 thoughts on “LNC EC call on LPCT petition drive, Today, 9PM ET

  1. Andy

    I did not even know that the LP was petitioning in Connecticut. I wonder if there is going to be some kind of “sweetheart” lucrative backroom deal handed out to some undeserving non-libertarian mercenary, especially like some of the ones who have burned the party in the past.

    What is funny about this is that after the 2016 election, LP National put out a ballot access map where they claimed to have ballot access in Connecticut, and I correctly pointed out that this was only for President in 2020, and if they wanted to run candidates in 2018, they would have to petition to get them on the ballot. There were situations like this with ballot access in some other states where they claimed to have it, and I suggested that they add asericks to these states, along with explanations as to what the ballot access situation was in these states, so party members got a more accurate picture of the status of LP ballot access. Nobody did it, of course.

  2. paulie Post author

    I did not even know that the LP was petitioning in Connecticut. I wonder if there is going to be some kind of “sweetheart” lucrative backroom deal handed out to some undeserving non-libertarian mercenary, especially like some of the ones who have burned the party in the past.

    Nope. If the funding comes together you are welcome to come in if you so wish.

    Now are you just going to complain or will you help make this happen?

  3. paulie Post author

    It’s all hands on deck for fundraising and – if it comes together – for petitioning. Deadline is Aug 8. Deadline for trying to get LNC to chip in is 9 pm tonight. Whatever we can raise between now and then will help convince LNC. They are undecided as they are in a cash strapped position with convention invoices still to come in. If LNC does not chip in LPCT may cancel after tonight.

    They have 4,000 volunteer sigs already including 3,000 personally collected by the Gov candidate who has pledged to do 500 more himself, and overall we have pledges to cover 2,250 more signatures, plus a conditional pledge for another 250 from me (if I succeed in getting 1000 paid and there is still time to do it before the deadline my next 250 after that are volunteer). I think 10,000 raw would be enough in a historically high validity state such as CT. It would be a shame to cut it off at this point.

  4. paulie Post author



    If you can do anything by 9 pm eastern tonight or get someone else to please let me know at 205-534-1622 or travellingcircus@gmail.com (note two Ls in travelling) or comment here to let me know.

    New LNC ballot access committee member John Phillips has just now let me know he is personally pledging and asking on several FB groups. I am not sure if he has authorized me to share the amount of his personal pledge.

  5. paulie Post author

    I talked to Mark Hinkle.

    He is on his way to Sacramento and will talk to …… in person today and see what if anything he is willing to pitch in.

    …. has funded entire state petition drives single handedly in the past, although no promises have been made yet that I know of.

  6. paulie Post author

    John Phillips Jr. Awesome Paulie Cannoli! I donated 150.00 myself this afternoon. And posted this around.

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  8. paulie Post author

    Got my knuckles rapped for sharing too much via IPR and sending too many emails. Stay tuned for more updates later.

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  10. paulie Post author

    Call is about to start. I did not receive the Thrasher opus. Hopefully the EC members did and had time to read it, though.

  11. paulie Post author

    Andy you may be happy to know Chris Thrasher’s plan says Libertarian petitioners will be given preference.

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  13. paulie Post author

    For anyone who prefers to pay by check:

    Libertarian Party of Connecticut
    PO Box 163
    Baltic, CT 06330

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