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Despin: “Libertarians are smart to put Johnson in the Senate race”

Editor’s note: This is in response to the Aug. 24 commentary by Ariel Bickel, “Johnson’s Senate run leaves voters out in the cold.”

I’ve seen a lot of talk against Gary for entering the race late, yet people forget to mention that the Republicans did the very same thing with their secretary of state candidate and I’m not seeing negative opinion pieces on that decision. Johanna Cox was a good secretary of state candidate. So is Gavin Clarkson.

The problem they have with Gary is he has potential for an upset. The reality is the Libertarian Party is smart to put Gary in this race. Let’s look at the facts.

Gary is a two-time Republican governor in this highly blue state. He has 94 percent name recognition, nationwide support giving him a large base, and a strong grassroots effort who can, and will, get behind him in this Senate race. He’s a very strong candidate for the middle and has the ability to out-raise every Libertarian candidate combined in this state in donations.

The combination of these things gives him a strong chance of running a solid campaign against an entrenched incumbent who hasn’t done very much for the State of New Mexico.

Full Post by Stephen Despin @ NMPOLITICs

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