Avens O’Brien: 2018 Libertarian National Convention Photos


From June 30th to July 4th this year, I had the pleasure of attending the Libertarian National Convention in New Orleans. It was so great seeing so many friends online and offline, and the convention committee put together a great event (besides the main room being too cold). I spoke on a panel on Social Media, I was a delegate for the state of California, and I took about 7,000 photos while I was there.

Over the last 4 weeks I’ve been selecting, editing, and preparing a photo album for release. This is my biggest individual album I’ve ever done.

Here’s a link to the album – LNC 2018 Photos! – and below is the requested info on donations and answers to frequently asked questions. Note – I am having some issues uploading due to the size of the album. If you click and all the photos aren’t there, please check back in a bit! ❤

A couple of wonderful people donated a bit of money to ensure I got to New Orleans and shot the event. Their donations covered my costs to get there. My thanks go out to them – because of them, I did not need to charge people for photos.

Instead, I’m able to offer my photography free of charge – and ask only that if you like my work, and you have the means and desire to donate, you do so, if you want.

I shoot a lot of events, speak at conferences, write, and otherwise do a lot within and outside of the libertarian movement – much of it at discounted rates for the organizations I support. If you want to support my work in a longer-term format, you are welcome to join me on Patreon, where you choose a donation amount for my productivity (I offer posts featuring photo albums, videos of speeches, articles, interviews, etc).

If you’d prefer to just donate towards this project, perhaps because you like your own photos or photos of your friends, I can accept donations in multiple forms:

My Paypal is:

My Bitcoin address:

I can also take Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Dash. Send me a message on Facebook or comment for those addresses.

If you don’t know how much to donate, any amount is appreciated. Some people donate $20 or $30 per photo of themselves, or $5 for the effort or $100. No amount is too small (or too large…). The money goes towards funding more camera equipment, travel, and generally compensating me for the time I didn’t spend actually working a job that pays me money and instead worked on photos late into the nights. It’s a labor of love, so I’m happy to do it, but as a capitalist, I’m happy when the market rewards me for good work.

You can feel free to use these photos for publications, for personal headshots, LinkedIn profiles, Tinder, whatever you want. I like getting credit for them if possible, but what’s most important to me is you looking good!

If you need something unwatermarked and/or larger for printing, please private message me either on Facebook or email (avens.obrien@gmail.com) and I’ll get you them (donations are VERY MUCH appreciated when you request stuff like that).

Thank you for being a model or a viewer as I continue the mission to try to make Liberty Look Good. And donations or not, please check out the album – there’s gold throughout it!

For those camera-inclined who want to know what I shot with: it was a Sony a7s with a Zhongyi Speedmaster 50mm 0.95 Full Frame Manual Focus Lens. Stylistically, I prefer black & white in hotel conference rooms because of the lighting and colors. Also because you look much more epic in them.



6 thoughts on “Avens O’Brien: 2018 Libertarian National Convention Photos

  1. paulie Post author

    Thank you very much for the photos Avens. I saw you walking around many times at the convention taking them, but somehow we managed to never even say hello, as far as I can remember. Hopefully will see you and talk to you this time at the next one.

  2. William t. Forrest

    Ms. O’Brien is impressive in front of the camera but even more impressive behind it. As for Mr. Frankel, sorry bud, but no amount of photoshop, lighting or camera angle can make you look good. But thanks for the post though.

  3. paulie Post author

    Ms. O’Brien is impressive in front of the camera but even more impressive behind it.


    As for Mr. Frankel, sorry bud, but no amount of photoshop, lighting or camera angle can make you look good.

    The devil you say. I’m bringing sexy back. And what a large, hairy back it is, to match the large, hairy front!

    But thanks for the post though.

    You’re welcome.

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