How can the Green Party increase it’s influence?

Rochester, NY – Our slate of candidates for the four statewide races this year is made up of four amazing people.  You probably know Howie Hawkins, but our candidate for Lt. Governor is Jia Lee, a kick-ass union activist and teacher in New York City.  Mark Dunlea is a long-time Green who is running for Comptroller, and Michael Sussmanis a new Green, but long-time civil rights attorney who is running for Attorney General.  If you haven’t checked them out, you absolutely should.  Talk about voting your values!

This Tuesday, tomorrow as we write this, there will be a debate between the candidates for State Comptroller and in a rare moment, the Green Party candidate is included!  You can watch it live October 9th at 11:00 AM at or later on at MNN’s YouTube channel.

See the difference between Tom Dinapoli & Mark Dunlea for yourself.

In New York State, the order of political parties on the ballot is based on the number of votes that party gets for Governor.  In 2010, Howie Hawkins and the Greens received 60,000 votes.  In 2014, we received 180,000 votes, launching us past the Working Families and Independence parties.  This year we’re aiming for the third spot on the ballot putting us past the Conservative Party – for that we need 250,000 votes.

You can help us pass the Conservative Party!

How?  Well, voting for Howie Hawkins on November 6th is the obvious way, but also coming to our next monthly meeting this Thursday, October 11th, 7 – 9pm at The Flying Squirrel Community Center, 285 Clarissa Street.

This is going to be a working meeting.  By that we mean there is no guest speaker or official program.  For the two hours we’ll just be working on ways to get the Green slate as many votes as possible.  Come for the whole 2 hours or just stop by to pick up a lawn sign.  We’ll help you craft a letter to the editor.  You can go online to post on social media and more.

Helping the Greens get as many votes as possible in this election will help our candidates running for local office next year.  The tide is turning.  People are getting fed up with the status quo – from both of the corporate parties – and we are the imperative.

Did you miss Jill Stein’s visit to Rochester last Saturday?  Our friend, Mike Gammms let us post his video on YouTube.  Jill, Howie Hawkins, Comptroller candidate Mark Dunlea, as well as International Socialist Organization reps Missie Jacob & Ream Kidane all spoke on Saturday and it rocked.  We even had a sign language interpreter on video.

Another way to help local Greens win elections is to become a sustaining member of the Green Party of New York.  For as little as $5 a month you can help the Green Party of New York State help local candidates – AND half of your monthly contribution goes to the local Green Party, who also helps local candidates.  So it’s a double whammy!  You can sign up to become a sustaining member, or just make a one-time donation to the party here.

Green Party of Monroe County

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  1. William T. Forrest

    It’s sad to see a headline and graphic mistake “it’s” for its. I make lots of typos myself, but headlines and accompanying graphics should be held to a higher standard.

  2. Eric Sundwall

    I would send more trolls into a Knapp thread on IPR if I were a NY Green.

    Great to see IPR cover the Greens to the extent they seem to be doing.

  3. paulie

    What we cover is mainly a function of who signs up to post articles here and what they choose to post about. OK, it’s pretty much entirely a function of that. Speaking of which, would anyone who is not already signed up here like to sign up to help us cover more stories which are slipping through our grasp now? There’s no pay unfortunately, and you can’t publish your own editorials, although you can submit them for others here to publish, and if you are signed up as a writer here it’s easy to get them to do so (we can publish other people’s editorials, including other IPR writers).

    Also, if anyone knows Anon-Tipper, please tell Anon-Tipper to come back. We need help!

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