Chris Hedges endorses Howie Hawkins

Chris Hedges explains why it is important to get Howie Hawkins the 50,000 votes needed for Green Party to be on Gubernatorial ballot in New York State.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges was in Troy Saturday night to speak about his new book, America: The Farewell Tour.

Chris laid out how the Democrats have been as responsible for the rise of fascism, corporate plundering, and the Trump Presidency as the Republicans.

Chris pointed out that capitalism is an inherently destructive force that rots and ruins every arena of American life. The corporate state that presides over this destructive capitalist economic system is ruthless and relentless. “It practices only the politics of vengeance. It uses coercion, fear, violence, police terror, and mass incarceration as forms of social control while it cannibalizes the nation and the globe for profits.”

“The press, labor unions, civic and church groups, public broadcasting, well-funded public universities, and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party” have all collapsed under sustained assault by corporate money and power over the last forty years.

It is clear that we must end the rule of Trump and his racist, sexist, anti-worker agenda. But the solution is not replacing him with a Democratic Party that embraces the same basic pro-corporate economic and imperialist agenda. A majority of Democrats in Congress joined with Republicans to enact the largest military budget ever – even larger than Trump requested.

Even as Democratic partisans scream at Greens to “shut up and sit down, we have to elect Democrats” at this moment, their national party leadership has already made it clear that if they win control of Congress, they will move slowly, especially on the climate emergency.

On Tuesday, I hope you will join us in voting for Greens on Row D. We need to vote for the Green New Deal, a vision for a better world, for hope and defiance in the time of Trump and Cuomo.

Reject the corrupt transactional politics embraced by Cuomo, who has raised the legalized bribery of pay-to-play (donations in exchange for state contracts, subsidies, and favors) to new heights. USA Today detailed how the $100 million he has raised in donations as Governor has been repaid many times over back to contributors.

Please make a donation to help us get the word out in the closing days as the corporate media acts like state media for the two-party corporate state, ignoring the Green challenge to it.

Please promote our Vote Pledge to your friends and neighbors. We need 50,000 to maintain our ballot status. The limited polling that has been done indicates that we will get somewhere between 30,000 and 300,000 votes. That’s the difference between losing our ballot line and jumping over the Conservative Party to third place on the ballot.

The question in this election now is what kind of message are voters going to send. Are we going to give Cuomo a free ride or demand more? Is Cuomo going to be able to take progressives for granted, or are we going to win enough votes that we have the power in the coming legislative session to win single-payer health care, fully-funded public schools, 100% clean energy by 2030, and more?

The next two days are the most important of the campaign. Help us get out the Green vote.

Vote to Demand More. Row D. Green Party.


2 thoughts on “Chris Hedges endorses Howie Hawkins

  1. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Hawkins will beat Sharpe.

    Hawkins circa 100,000 votes, Sharpe 80,000. That’s my non-scientific, non-researched, off the cuff, day before prediction.

    So just to be clear – Sharpe raised over $400,000, possibly the best financed non-presidential LP campaign in history adjusted for inflation (if someone can refute this, please comment below) and what, 90% or something of it went to consultants? I was looking on his FB page and it seems as though his supporters have put up many homemade signs across the state, do Sharpe’s campaign coffers not have enough for a couple thousand yard signs?

    Off topic: by the way, the LP Illinois has a roughly zero percent chance of crossing 5% in any of the statewide elections here tomorrow. Just FYI. “Conservative Party” candidate (complete joke, no website or FB page or anything for this nonexistant paper organization, the Constitution Party should have recruited him to run for their nomination and he could help the CP secure ballot access since he seems to have a legitimate chance at a decent finish and the CP would finally have a state legislator since Rick Jore in 2006) Sam McCann is going to capture most of the conservative ant-Rauner vote, so Jackson will flame out at max 4,76%. The candidates for Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller and Treasurer likewise have a peak of below 5%.

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