North Brunswick, NJ – There is a fascist regime running our country. Donald Trump must be stopped. This year, more than any year in my life I feel strongly that there is a great divide between this man and everyone else. As a pastor who has lost many members to his racial and ethnic cleansing policies, carried out under immigration reform, I know first hand that he must be stopped.

My advice to voters, this year, is to go into the polls and do whatever you believe is best to end this madness.

But as you wrestle with your own decision, let me give my endorsement of the character of Madelyn Hoffman and Diane Moxley. If you are in a place, this year, where you are making a values vote, please consider Hoffman and Moxley.

I endorse Madelyn Hoffman as the candidate most fit to be senator in this year’s election. Madelyn has spent her lifetime working for the ways of peace. She understands global and national issues through the eyes of someone who is looking firstly at the victim, not firstly at the dollars. In a world of humanitarian disasters in Yemen, Honduras and Venezuela, and in a world where our military and our neoliberal economy are fueling the flames there-I want Madelyn. The hell that we’ve created internationally through greed and warring madness did not start with Donald—it was going strong with Democratic leadership long before that.

I endorse Diane Moxley as the candidate most fit to be representative of Congressional District 7. Diane has been actively engaged in the biggest issues of our day at the most local, grassroots level. She knows the environmental, health care, immigration, education, living wage, loan forgiveness issues as they pertain to her district and as they pertain to the nation.

I ran for governor last year on the Green mantra People, Planet and Peace over Profit! These values remain essential. I endorse both Madelyn Hoffman and Diane Moxley as practitioner of these values and as people who I know and trust and who I believe are ready to lead.

Seth Kaper-Dale

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