LP.org: Help rank the national party’s priorities for 2019


In 2018, we provided our candidates with unprecedented levels of support. We want to build on that in 2019.

Odd-numbered years, such as 2019, are focused mostly on local elections, with the exception of a couple of states, which have statewide or legislative races.

We are already recruiting candidates for 2019. And we want to start providing them with resources ASAP, including LPHQ staffers working full-time, advising candidates on everything from campaign gear to software to filing campaign finance paperwork.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be preparing for the Libertarian National Committee’s (LNC) budget meeting. This meeting is the most important LNC meeting of the year. They’ll be deciding priorities for 2019, and a lot of that is based on what they think we can afford.

Please give us your feedback on the priorities you would like to see the LNC consider for 2019. You can rank your preferences. I’ll pass along your input to them before this critical budget meeting.

As always, thank you!

Lauren Daugherty
Development Director

Here is my ranking of what I’d like the national party to prioritize in 2019:

Ballot access in as many states as possible
Strategic ballot access, in preparation for 2020
Recruiting candidates
Supporting candidates broadly
Supporting candidates in strategic races
Supporting state and county parties
Winning more races
Media outreach
Paying down the mortgage on headquarters
Registering more Libertarians in states that allow that
Legal work to try to make election laws and other laws more fair for Libertarians
Policy outreach and lobbying
Growing our membership

Please let us know if you have any other questions or thoughts.

Fill out form at https://www.lp.org/help-rank-the-national-partys-priorities-for-2019

One thought on “LP.org: Help rank the national party’s priorities for 2019

  1. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Helping hopeless states like here in Arizona, recruit and run better candidates. Barry Hess has been running for office since before statehood, and our last LP candidate for Governor actually wanted to create NEW taxes! He was a total embarrassment. Also assist states and candidates in locating/providing signature-gathering volunteers or firms. The one here provided so many bad signatures that it was ripe for the picking when the GOP wanted to get rid of competition in the last election.

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