Prohibition Party Nominates National Ticket for 2020


On November 13, the Prohibition Party nominated its national ticket for 2020, via a telephone conference call. Bill Bayes of Mississippi is the presidential nominee. Connie Gammon of Tennessee is the vice-presidential nominee.

An earlier version of this post said Bayes is the first presidential nominee from Mississippi, but the Constitution Party of Texas in 1960, and the Reform Party in 2008, also had presidential nominees who lived in Mississippi. Thanks to the commenters for pointing this out, especial[ly] Rick Knox.

2 thoughts on “Prohibition Party Nominates National Ticket for 2020

  1. Rev. James W. Clifton

    Sad day for the Prohibition Party. Bayes denies the Civil War was about slavery, denies the Confederate flag is a symbol of white supremacy, says President Obama is a Muslim and was born in Kenya as well as that he is a traitor and enemy of the state. I have resigned from the Party due to his nomination. Several other centrists in the Party are considering leaving as well.

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