Youngstown school board member sets sights on White House

WFMJ January 22, 2019, Youngstown, OhioDario Hunter revealed on his Facebook page Tuesday that he is launching an exploratory committee for the Green Party Presidential nomination in 2020.

In a video where he calls himself unapologetically Black, proudly Gay, and proudly progressive, Hunter shared a platform that includes bringing an end to poverty, universal single-payer health care, full employment, and civil rights.

“Our next nominee must fight for the civil rights of all ensuring an end to the senseless murder of people of color at the hands of law enforcement,” said Hunter.

Hunter also supports a move to lessen the country’s dependence on fossil fuel.

Although Hunter unsuccessfully ran for Youngstown City Council and Clerk of Courts, he was elected to the Youngstown City School Board.

Hunter has made some waves by filing then dropping a lawsuit claiming that Tito Brown was not really Youngstown’s Mayor because he failed to file a performance bond in a timely matter.

A longtime critic of outgoing Youngstown Schools CEO Krish Mohip, Hunter petitioned the Ohio Supreme Court claiming the school district failed to hand over information about the company Mohip hired to search for principals.

According to his bio, Hunter graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in History, earned his law degree from the University of Detroit Mercy, obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Windsor (Canada) and attended Wayne State University for a Master of Laws in Labor and Employment Law.

Hunter serves as rabbi of Congregation Ohev Tzedek – Shaarei Torah in Boardman and as the volunteer rabbi for Ohio State Penitentiary.

2 thoughts on “Youngstown school board member sets sights on White House

  1. Fred Stein

    Everyone is running for President. I was thinking about it, then I took a cold shower until the feeling has passed. The other day in this post there was a teenager running for President. There should no age requirements for anyone running for public office. If The American Public wanted a ten year old to be President so be it……………….Donald Trump acts like a ten year old……………..Ooops I justt offended 10 year olds.

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