Prohibition National Committee Meets, Gammon and Collins Selected as Presidential Ticket

Prohibition Party, Gammon/Collins 2020

On April 14th, a meeting of the Prohibition Party’s national committee was held by conference call. The committee had to select a new presidential ticket following the resignation of its initial presidential candidate, Bill Bayes, on March 30th. The PNC selected Connie (C.L.) Gammon as its new presidential candidate, and Phil Collins as its new vice-presidential candidate.
C.L. Gammon is a writer and historian from Tennessee. He was initially the party’s vice-presidential candidate for 2020, but given the situation stepped to represent the party at the head of the ticket.
Phil Collins is a navy veteran, former township trustee in Illinois, and had come second place in this year’s non-partisan election for mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada.
The PNC adopted an updated version of its 2020 platform.
Two new committee members were appointed to the PNC, and vacancies were will filled on the party’s executive committee.
The Committee made updates to its executive leadership.
Rick Knox will continue as national chairman. C.L. Gammon was selected as the new vice-chairman. Jonathan Makeley was selected as the new national secretary. James Hedges will continue as treasurer.
The committee also selected people for special appointed positions. The current head of social media will continue in their position. Knox was appointed to act press secretary, and Makeley was appointed to head the party’s youth outreach efforts.
The conference ended with a discussion of the party’s plans for ballot access efforts. The party plans to launch its most ambitious ballot access effort in decades: hoping to get on ballot in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, and possibly a few other states.

17 thoughts on “Prohibition National Committee Meets, Gammon and Collins Selected as Presidential Ticket

  1. Jonathan Makeley Post author

    The Prohibition Party presidential candidate was on ballot in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Colorado in 2016

  2. Rev. James Clifton

    It would be nice to have some coverage of the American Free Soil Party candidates–Adam Seaman and Enrique Ramos. I have asked repeatedly to be able to create posts on here but no one has ever gotten back to me. I will am also the first Party member to obtain ballot status–Indiana for Town Council.

  3. Krzysztof Lesiak

    I worked with Phil Collins on David Earl Williams III’s 2014 congressional campaign (Phil was the deputy campaign manager, I was campaign manager. Williams later ran for the Libertarian Party of Illinois’s 2018 nomination for lt governor (20.49%), and as an independent for Chicago City Council in February 2019 (16.2%)). I met Phil last time in Niles, IL at a meeting of the Illinois Center Right Coalition, where I also met former CP candidate Chad Koppie. Phil was the first elected Constitution Party of Illinois public officeholder in 2013. I wish Phil all the best, he’s a good guy.

  4. paulie

    ” I have asked repeatedly to be able to create posts on here but no one has ever gotten back to me.”

    I answered you each time and you are signed up. If you don’t check back to read the replies what do you expect?

  5. Seebeck

    Is it true that they had a drink to celebrate their resounding nomination victory over Carrie Nation and Pussyfoot Johnson?


  6. Carol Moore/

    Historically one of the reasons there was so much drinking in the 18th and 19th centuries was because dentistry was so bad. Men especially dealt with the issue by drinking. As dentistry – and pain relief during fillings and extractions – improved after the 1920s the need to drink to suppress constant pain diminished. Probably true for other ailments, as well. Of course, the greatest ailment of all is the absence of true human liberty which turns so many to drink. Thus voting libertarian probably the better bet.

  7. AP

    Good luck to the Prohibitionists on their ballot access plan, hopefully they get better luck than they did in 2016. Think they had 3 or 4 states with really flukey things that kept them off the ballot if I remember correctly.

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