Howie Hawkins Is First Candidate to Meet Standards for Recognition by Green Party of the United States

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Howie Hawkins of New York has just become the first person to receive official recognition from the Green Party as a candidate for the 2020 Green Party presidential nomination.

Hawkins has been involved with the Green Party since its beginning in 1984.  He ran for governor of New York State three times (2010, 2014, 2018), securing four years of ballot access for the NY State Green Party each time. In 2014,  he received 5 percent of the vote, the most for an independent left party candidate for governor in New York in a century.  In 2010 he became the first candidate in the United States to campaign for a “Green New Deal”.

Hawkins has been continually engaged in efforts supporting peace, justice, worker rights, and the environment. In 1972 he enlisted in the Marine Corps which did not stop him from organizing against the Vietnam War. After studying at Dartmouth College, he worked in construction in New England in the 1970s and 1980s. Since 1981 he has lived in Syracuse, New York, working as a Teamster unloading trucks at UPS until his retirement in 2018.

The Green Party awards official recognition to candidates that meet certain criteria indicating that they have made basic preparations for running.  The candidate must:

  • agree to run as the Green Party candidate in every state where the Green Party has a ballot line
  • establish a campaign committee that is recognized by the Federal Elections Commission.
  • establish a campaign website.
  • return a candidate questionnaire to the Green Party.
  • secure at least 100 signatures of support from Green Party members.
  • raise at least $5000 in campaign funds (not counting self-funding).Alternatively, they can show proof of having received contributions from 100 individual donors.

Hawkins’ application for official recognition was received on July 11 by the Green Party’s Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC).  The PCSC co-chairs then analyzed Hawkin’s fundraising reports as well as his signatures of support.  A preliminary determination indicated that Hawkins had met the requirements.  But PCSC members were given five days to challenge this conclusion.  When no challenge appeared by July 23,  official recognition was confirmed.

The PCSC notes that at least 6 other people have declared that they are running for the Green Party nomination, but these persons have not yet applied for official recognition.

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For further information on the Green Party’s presidential processes, contact John Andrews, Co-chair, Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC),

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About Kevin Zeese

Kevin Zeese is a public interest attorney who has worked for economic, racial and environmental justice as well as peace since graduating from George Washington Law School in 1980. He co-directs which works to build the independent movement for transformational change. Zeese co-hosts, Clearing the FOG a radio podcast which airs on We Act Radio, Progressive Radio Network, and other outlets.  He is recognized as a leading activist in the United States in the series Americans Who Tell the Truth. Zeese was an organizer of the Occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC in 2011.  He serves as president of Common Sense for Drug Policy and is a co-founder of the Drug Policy Foundation, now known as Drug Policy Alliance as well as a former director of NORML. He is a co-founder of Health Over Profit for Everyone which seeks to put in place National Improved Medicare for All. Zeese is an advocate of Internet Freedom and is a leader of the campaign for Title II Net Neutrality to ensure equal access and treatment for everyone on the Internet.  Zeese served on the steering committees of the Chelsea Manning Support Network which advocated for the Wikileaks whistleblower and is on the advisory board of the Courage Foundation which supports Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and other whistleblowers. Zeese is an election integrity advocate who a co-founded TrueVote Maryland which led a successful campaign to end the use of paperless voting machines in the state.  He has been active in independent and third party political campaigns including Peter Camejo for governor of California served as press secretary and spokesperson for Ralph Nader in 2004 and as a senior advisor to Jill Stein in 2016.  He ran for the US Senate in 2006; the only person ever nominated by the Green, Libertarian and Populist Parties of Maryland and the only person ever nominated by the Green and Libertarian Parties for a statewide office. Zeese served as Attorney General in the Green Shadow Cabinet.

4 thoughts on “Howie Hawkins Is First Candidate to Meet Standards for Recognition by Green Party of the United States

  1. Jake Leonard

    Standards? What a joke. It’s just a deliberate and desperate attempt to silence anyone else seeking the 2020 nomination. To be honest, you’re wasting your time on 2020. Just focus on the state affiliates where you still have major party status, like Missouri.

  2. Fernando Mercado

    The idea of a Minor Party dividing it by officially recognized candidates and not seems weird to me.

    Greens are already small party that has a lot of hurdles otherwise, why handicap yourselves by saying “only this candidate count’s cause he raised X Money”.

    Take 2016 for example. The Green Party had 6 major candidates which included Their 2012 Candidate, A University Professor who ran for senate in the 80’s, The Founder of the GP Black Caucus, A Green who ran for President 3 or 4 times previously, a prominent Environmental Activist, and a 17 year old child.

    Why do only 2 of them count as “official” Green Party Candidates?

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