American Free Soil Party Candidate Gets 47% of Vote

The Rev. Dr. James W. Clifton, National Chair of the American Free Soil Party and the first AFSP candidate to get gain a ballot position, received 47% of the vote for Town Council in Millersburg, IN on November 5 against his GOP challenger. Millersburg is a strongly GOP.

5 thoughts on “American Free Soil Party Candidate Gets 47% of Vote

  1. Tony From Long Island

    So 47% of the voters there didn’t want to vote for the GOP candidate.

    Anyone who thinks that 47% of the voters wanted to vote for the “American Free Soil” candidate are kidding themselves.

    Well, maybe if Martin Van Buren fan on the free soil ticket again . . .

  2. paulie

    That may be true or not. Perhaps the candidate is well known in his community and or did a lot of in person campaigning.

  3. Rev. James W. Clifton

    Nothing was implied in the article. It was submitted as bit of news, that’s all.

    Also, “Anyone is” not “Anyone are.”

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