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Larry Sharpe Posts Meme on the Spoiler Effect

After Congressman Justin Amash’s announcement about his 2020 run for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination Tuesday, the Twitterverse exploded with individuals concerned that Amash’s campaign would take votes away from presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. In response, Larry Sharpe, the running mate for 2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray, posted the following meme:

In addition, Sharpe tweeted:

People say that a vote for Libertarian is a vote for Trump OR a vote for Biden. Not true. If you didn’t earn my vote, why would I vote for you? It means that your candidate was so bad, they couldn’t win my vote. Votes are earned, not given. #larrysharpe #libertarian #thirdparty

Sharpe was the Libertarian Party nominee for Governor of New York in 2018.  In 2016, the then largely-unknown Sharpe sought the vice presidential nomination of the party and nearly defeated former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld at the Libertarian National Convention.  Gray announced Sharpe as his running mate upon Gray’s presidential announcement earlier this month.

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