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Libertarian Party of Wayne County (Michigan): Regarding Governor Whitmer’s Response to COVID-19

IPR received the following statement from Scotty Boman, chair of the Libertarian Party of Wayne County in Michigan, concerning some of the efforts of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 



Regarding Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Response to COVID-19

Wayne County, MI, April 8th 2020  – The Libertarian Party of Wayne County, an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, passed the following resolution at their regular monthly business meeting.  The meeting was held using a teleconferencing platform since regular public meeting venues were closed in response to the epidemic.

The Wayne County affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Michigan strongly condemns the recent actions of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in response to the spread of COVID-19. We believe the governor has no authority under the Michigan Constitution to restrict individuals’ freedom of movement and association.

The Libertarian Party of Wayne County does not advocate the declaration of martial law under any name, not only because it is unconstitutional, but because it is morally wrong. Rather we advocate voluntary participation in scientifically sound measures to prevent the virus’ spread as the most preferable solution (physical distancing, rigorous hygiene, and the use of personal protective equipment). Only private citizens can achieve this through their own volition, whereas the Governor’s actions will cause irreparable harm to the economy of the State of Michigan at both the personal and societal level. Citizens will feel this in the form of lost jobs, homes, and businesses, along with the financial and emotional suffering that follows.

We therefore call on Governor Whitmer to lift the authoritarian restrictions in place and restorethe human rights of movement and interaction to the citizens of Michigan. We also call upon the public servants of Michigan to resist these edicts and act to protect the rights of their constituents. Most importantly, we implore the citizens of Michigan to speak out against these egregious violations of human rights and demand a return to sanity and freedom.




  1. Jose C Jose C April 17, 2020

    We are going through a dark chapter in American history. Where is the outrage concerning the declarations of Marshal Law from some state governors because of the China Corona Virus crisis? Where are the resolutions or statements from the Libertarian Party or the state parties? I have not seen any. I feel as if the Party and the state parties are in shock unwilling or unable to respond.

    In Glendale California it is against the law to go outside of your home without wearing a face mask. If you do you might be fined $1,000. In Michigan it is against the law if a person owns more than one house to go from one house to another. Why is Idaho on lock down? Idaho has very few cases of Corona Virus yet people are not allowed to leave their homes, go to work, or to run a business. Why?

    Taxpayers are funding to the tune of millions and millions of dollars the WHO who cooperated with the People’s Republic of China (Communist China) in covering up their moral crimes in the spreading of the Corona Virus. Where are the statements from the National Party?

    The American and state economies are collapsing and yet there are no statements from the National or state parties. Why?

    I am glad there there is a Party (Libertarian Party of Wayne County) that made a statement. Where are the others?

  2. Bondurant Bondurant April 17, 2020

    The silver lining is that Whitmer may have signed her political death warrant. I am a Michigan native and most of my family and friends still live there. The only ones that support Whitmer’s lockdown orders are the most partisan of Democrats.

    Must be tough going as a libertarian in Wayne County. It has to be in the running for the most corrupt county in the country.

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