Adam Kokesh on Being ‘Blacked Out’ of the LPKY Presidential Debate

On his Facebook page yesterday, 2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh discussed his exclusion from part five of the Libertarian Party of Kentucky presidential debate being held later today (Saturday):

Just to be clear for everyone who is frustrated right now, yes, I won the last two debate polls in the last two debates hosted by the Libertarian Party of Kentucky. No, I didn’t qualify for their next debate. Why? They only have five slots due to software limitations. They gave one to Justin Amash without qualifying. Not sure what the criteria was there. They gave the other four slots to candidates from the Saturday qualifying debate instead of the Wednesday qualifying debate because the Saturday audience was bigger and even the person who finished fourth in that poll got more total votes than me, although a lower percentage in their debate. If you don’t think it’s fair, please don’t complain to me! Please ask the Libertarian Party of Kentucky to treat Amash like the rest of the candidates and take the top finishers in each feeder debate, not the total vote getters who benefited from their debate being Saturday instead of Wednesday. Some of our fans still have jobs! I know from one of my supporters that this poll was easily hacked and he was able to vote multiple times although he only voted twice to see if he could do it. I don’t think there is foul play here except possibly in the supporters of Saturday’s candidates who blew up their votes by voting multiple times. Chris Weist is the State Chair and if you write him a polite email expressing appreciation for what he does for the party, he might be willing to address this situation properly:

Quick correction: The audience Saturday may not have been bigger at all. Apparently, the poll Wednesday was only open for five minutes. The poll on Saturday was open for much longer, hence way more people overall were able to vote, nearly guaranteeing that only Saturday’s candidates had a chance to qualify for the next debate, making the Wednesday debate irrelevant. If this is true and was done deliberately, the process was rigged.

In response to being “blacked out” from the debate, Kokesh has placed a black bar over his eyes on his Facebook profile.

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