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Alliance Party Delegate Who Opposed the De La Fuente Nomination Explains Vote

Ben Thome, state director of the Minnesota Independence-Alliance Party, the Minnesota affiliate of the Alliance Party, explained to IPR his vote as a delegate against the nomination of businessman Rocky De La Fuente for president.  At the party’s first nominating convention last week, the Alliance Party nominated the ticket of De La Fuente and historian Darcy Richardson by a vote of 24 to two, including Thome.  The other “no” vote, Keisha Long of South Carolina, did not respond to a request for comment.

Thome’s vote was “representative of a sizable contingent of the Alliance Party in Minnesota,” he explains, “not for any direct opinion of Mr. De La Fuente personally but rather a difference in strategy for how to grow the party.”

According to Thome, many party members in Minnesota support “growing bottom up with more local elections and local election support rather than a top down approach,” which nominating De La Fuente represents.

Nevertheless, Thome says he supports De La Fuente “completely” for president in the general election.

For 2020, the Alliance Party is on the ballot in South Carolina and possibly Connecticut.


  1. Dee Malenke Dee Malenke May 4, 2020

    We need a true third political party system to go against the republicans and democratic candidates.

  2. Red Phillips Red Phillips May 5, 2020

    Is this a Reform Party residual, for lack of a better description?

    Has the Reform Party even announced a convention yet?

    Congrats to Darcy.

  3. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | May 5, 2020

    No. This party is mixture of many parties including the Modern Whig Party and several centrist state parties. I think the only connection to the Reform Party is that the Minnesota Independence Party, mentioned in this article, was once an affiliate of the Reform Party. I don’t know if any of the other state parties now in the Alliance Party were previously affiliated with the Reform Party.

  4. paulie paulie May 5, 2020

    I’d say it’s roughly in the same vein, although there’s not much of a direct connection.

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