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Constitution Party of New Mexico Chairman Responds to IPR, Elected National Chairman Chimes in

Several days ago, American Third Party Report broke news that the Constitution Party of New Mexico (CPNM) went against the national party and nominated a ticket of Samm Tittle for president and CPNM chairman J.W. Fakes for vice president.

I contacted Fakes to confirm the report and determine whether the CPNM had, in effect, disaffiliated from the national party with the move.

I received the following message in response:

Thank you for your question. While I do not necessarily agree with your perhaps loaded approach- I do appreciate the exercise of communication, so I will respond personally. In no way am I writing on behalf of anyone or organization other than myself Free Man under Hashem HaElohim amd United States Voting Citizen.

To be clear- these are not answers to your questions. This is an account of events and personal observations that I will share. Also, please understand the Cc recipients of the National Committee are not the only ones who recieved this response- but out of personal respect I do no publicize other peoples emails.

CPNM followed all the Bylaws filed with the New Mexico Secretary of State for their State Convention, which was postponed and finally occurred after the National Convention due to COVID19 Emergency Circumstance and Govenor Michelle Lujan Grishams UnConstitutional ShutDown and Stay at Home edicts- still in effect. We are being held hostage by our own local, state, and federal Officials until forced vaccinations come out of Sandia Labs and Johnson& Johnson amd will use passed Red Flag Laws to force it into our children in oir own homes. Many New Mexicans now fit the UN definition of a Refugee and literally cannot escape.

CPNM is not the authorization for National Party Affiliation, I am a new and maybe the youngest State Chairman so I think that is part of the National Executive Committee. To date, I have not been notified of a National Dissafiliation and would be saddened to recieve such. Your careful phrase of “Breaking” is totally innaccurate, non-applicable and could potentially be considered slanderous.

CPNM voting Members are at Peace through Messiah following CPNM Bylaws woth all others involved. We had four people submit their Registration for Presidential Nomimation. 1.Chalres Kraut a CP National Party Nominee, 2.JR Meyers from the Life and Liberty Party, 3.CP National Presidential Candidate Don Blankenship and 4.CP National Nominee Samm Tittle ( who at the Natinal Convention may have been Nominated by 2016 Presidential Candidate Daryll Castel). All except for Mr.Meyers were running on the 2020 CP National Platform & also vetted by the National Party Credentials Committee, and so passing CPNM Registration, Nominations and Seconds and then they ceased, Don Blankenship and Samm Tittle both advanced and spoke for no longer than 5 minutes. Samm Tittle did win the CPNM Registered Voter Member Majority by 2 roll call out loud verified votes; and per New Mexico Bylaws previously filed with the Secretary of State, CPNM Majority Winner is the ONLY Candidate that can take the Ballot Position.

So in effect looking at the past before I was a Part of CPNM in 2016 Presidential Nomination process, Scott Copeland the Majority Winner of CPNM State Convention, according to the Bylaws shouldve have been on the ballot in NM and not Daryl Castle. Again, I was not a part but I suppose there could or could not have been pressure to violate CPNM State Bylaws. And possibly perhaps one theory towhy by the time I showed up at after the 2016 Election there were literally only 2 New Mexicans left, fightimg a lawsuit with NmSoS, and at my second Monthly Meeting ever they couldnt throw the Chairmanship on me fast enough because they didn’t have enough people at the convention to elect a new one or even fill the position all the county leaders had left and no one attended any of the monthly meetings. I had just heard of the Party a few months before but as a Soilder of Messiah, Father of 5 and Proud U.S.Constituionalist, and the shear fact that there were literrally no other people even present or willing, I accepted to be the State Chairman and began attending National Committee meetings.

Although being perhaps the least industrialized, poorest, and least populated State in the entire CP National Party Affiliation- In my 4 year term (now wrapping up per CPNM Bylaws), CPNM honorable Members generous efforts has 1.consistently placed NM at the top 10 or higher of All financial and participation Contributors of All National Party State Affiliates, and regularly contributing to The Howard Phillips Legacy. 2. have retained ballot access access for the CP 2020 Platform and 3. Increased CPNM Voter Registration by over 100% without any Candidates on Ballot.
I recieve little to no guidance other than the letter of the New Mexico law, CPNM Byaws, and my interactions with NMSoS. I honor New Mexican Voters by honoring they law they have passed.

***Most importantly, CPNew Mexico sincerely hopes to see all Constitution Party Affiliates and Patriotic Constituionlists everywhere succeed in this very critical moment.

CPNM understands the quickly impending urgency to thwart the joining of current repealable New Mexico Govenor Michelle Lujan Grisham(who has admitted malfeasance) ( now potentially new President of The Senate/V.P.) and Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House through Bernie Sanders and NMs Martin Heinrich, who together sit on Senate sub committees for U.S. Energy, Mining, National Forests, and yes even…Water.

Now here is much more important message!!
** We New Mexican (Fellow U.S. Bretheren) Christian Constitutionalists, our parents, siblings, and children in New Mexico live under Govenor MLG harsh UnConstitutional rulership, our families have suffered enough for everyone- I would never wish her as Vice President and President of The Senate on my U.S. Constitution Family under God.

Peace on Earth & Good Will Toward Men.

In response, I explained that I had not used the term “breaking” as he claimed.  I also explained that slander requires spoken word and that I had not had any verbal communication with Fakes nor spoke of Fakes to anyone else.  I asked why he was making false allegations about me and spreading it to others.   He then sent an email asking me not to contact him any further.

I asked the newly-elected national chairman, Jim Clymer, about the claims Fakes made.  Clymer had a previous stint as national chairman (1999-2012) and was the party’s 2012 vice presidential nominee.  He commented:

First, let me answer the second question you asked  him.  No, their action to nominate and place on the ballot in New Mexico a different candidate for President and vice President than those nominated by the National Convention clearly does not disaffiliate the CPNM.  Disaffiliation would require a 2/3 majority vote of the National Committee at a duly convened meeting or a vote by the CPNM to disaffiliate.  Neither of those things have occurred.

As far as the ramblings of Mr. Fakes, most of which was not responsive to your questions, I would only say, he is entitled to his opinion and it is the policy of the National Committee not to interfere with state party operations unless asked.  In fact, our bylaws prohibit such interference.  It is indeed disappointing that CPNM has chosen to not follow the nomination of the National Convention but there isn’t much the national party can do about it.

I will say that Mr. Fakes claim that the bylaws mandate the action taken is misplaced.  The section he is relying on applies to state party candidates.  It is illogical that the bylaws would provide for the election of delegates to the National Convention without the expectation that the state party follow the results of that convention.  Otherwise, why provide for participation in the National Convention.  The bottom line is that it was a renegade act by a state affiliated party but it is highly unlikely that the National Committee will take any punitive action against it.


  1. Floyd Whitley Floyd Whitley May 19, 2020

    Per Mr. Apash’s statement: “Constitution Party of Idaho’s position was that the National CP rigged the process through proxies so they would go with the primary winner which this time was Don Blankenship.”

    Aye. That more or less has the nut of it.

    Personally, I also agree with Mr. Apash that “Don Blankenship was not the ideal candidate for the CP.” But, because CP-Idaho honors its procedural rules for nomination, Mr. Blankenship shall be our up ballot presidential candidate.

    Unlike the national CP’s indifference upon ethics, CP-Idaho refuses to disfranchise our voters, refuses to ignore rules, or procedures, by-laws and what should be considered common ethical standards. Lastly, please note: CP-Idaho’s 2020 State Convention (to be held in August) shall be the final arbiter on who is named to our qualified VP line.

  2. Floyd Whitley Floyd Whitley May 19, 2020

    Per Mr. Clymer’s claim: “it is the policy of the National Committee not to interfere with state party operations unless asked. In fact, our bylaws prohibit such interference.”

    Aye, they do.

    But that certainly was no impediment to the national executive’s demonstrable and repeated interference into CP-Idaho’s operations in 2016 and 2018.

    The gentleman’s claim is hypocritical, at best.

  3. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | May 19, 2020

    Just to clarify: apparently Jim Clymer is the national chairman-elect. He will be sworn in at the executive committee meeting in the fall. I have added “Elected” to the title for accuracy. I don’t think this requires any changes to the text of the article. Thanks to the incoming Midwest Regional Chairman John Blazek for the information.

  4. Justice Apash Justice Apash May 19, 2020

    What a mess! I have stated my position that Don Blankenship was not the ideal candidate for the CP. However the position that the NM Constitution Party is untenable. Using the logic of the NM CP, Bernie Sanders should be on the ballot in California because he won the Democratic primary. In 2016, Ted Cruz should have been on the ballot in Texas instead of Don Trump. I know that Samm Tittle was chosen at the state convention but this makes no sense. I can see the logic of the other disgruntled state parties. The Constitution Party of Virginia was disaffiliated and they don’t want to put Don Blankenship on the ballot. Constitution Party of Idaho’s position was that the National CP rigged the process through proxies so they would go with the primary winner which this time was Don Blankenship. TD:DR, I understand that various state parties are disgruntled. If they don’t want to put Don Blankenship on the ballot it is their choice. However the logic of the NM CP does not add up.

  5. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk May 18, 2020

    Yeah, Mr. Fakes needs to learn the K.I.S.S. method of speaking/writing.

    Clymer is mostly accurate in his remark, and it is good to see him back at the national CP helm; unlike a certain ex-national chairman -Clymer has integrity and isn’t eager to throw others under the bus.

  6. paulie paulie May 18, 2020

    I don’t think you did. But it’s always a good idea to verify things you read, if you are sufficiently motivated.

  7. NewFederalist NewFederalist May 18, 2020

    “You can write them yourself if you don’t believe William and ATPR.” – paulie

    Geez… I sure didn’t mean to piss anyone off!

  8. paulie paulie May 18, 2020

    “Free Man under the Lord” would be one way to translate that. That is, he is claiming to be free (of earthly sovereigns) and a subject of God.

  9. Jared Jared May 18, 2020

    “In no way am I writing on behalf of anyone or organization other than myself Free Man under Hashem HaElohim amd United States Voting Citizen.”

    What does that even mean? If he’s writing on behalf of the Name of God, then he might consider brushing up on his grammar and punctuation.

  10. paulie paulie May 18, 2020

    They may not have updated it. You can write them yourself if you don’t believe William and ATPR.

  11. NewFederalist NewFederalist May 18, 2020

    I still find no reference to all this on the CPNM website.

  12. paulie paulie May 18, 2020

    I had no trouble understanding Fakes, despite a lot of excess verbiage. An exception to that is the paragraph that mentions Bernie Sanders. I’m not sure how that connects to any of this and I can’t quite connect all the dots he’s trying to connect there, although there’s something of a hazy outline involving what he believes is corruption at the national level with some nebulous connection to the coronavirus shutdowns.

    The TL; DR appears to be: due to virus related shutdowns, the state convention was delayed until after the national convention. The state chair and/or committee interpreted bylaws about nominating state candidates to also apply to the presidential ticket, contrary to how they have been interpreted in the past. National party is not particularly eager to disaffiliate, since they have few active state affiliates and something is better than nothing. The governor sucks, the shutdown sucks, but with faith in God all will be well. Shout out to the fellas in all the other state crews around the country.

  13. paulie paulie May 18, 2020


    Fabulous names for a presidential ticket. I kinda want a bumper sticker or T-shirt or something. Not really, but it would be funny.

  14. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | May 18, 2020

    I had the same response when I read it. I felt like I needed a translation to English from whatever language Fakes was using. With leadership like that it makes sense why the party nominated someone like Samm Tittle.


    It’s great to have Jim Clymer back as the national chairman. He’s always responsive to queries and is clear and concise in his writing. Perhaps he can move the party back in the right direction.

  15. Jake Leonard Jake Leonard May 17, 2020

    Is Fakes illiterate or something? I swear, I have a friggin’ headache reading that response…

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