Dan Behrman: ‘I Like You, but I’m Afraid of What People Would Think if I Endorsed You’

2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman sent the following message today to his email subscribers ahead of this weekend’s Libertarian National Convention.

“I like you, but I’m afraid of what people would think if I endorsed you”

This is what I hear constantly while talking to other libertarians.

On this campaign trail, I speak to many libertarians. Some of them are in positions where they can’t endorse because they are on the LNC. Others are members of the parties, state and county chairs, or just well-known libertarians and absolutely have the capacity to endorse and influence. I have hour-long conversations with them and they tell me how wonderful my plan is. I ask for their endorsement, and they say no.

In fact, one good friend, with a little clout who refused to make any endorsements, later endorsed another candidate. He had promised that if his candidate dropped out of the race, he would give me his endorsement. His candidate dropped out of the race and he went back on his word.

Not a single person has ever said my positions are un-libertarian, and many unsolicited comments mention that I’m the smartest person in the race – that even came from other presidential candidates, as well as state chairs. But still, no endorsements.


This is politics. Many people are willing to change their appearance – and even their message, to appeal to voters. I am not willing to do that. I am not here to win people over by offering them something I don’t believe in. I am here to show them the truth – about the government and about myself. I will compromise neither.

Some say it’s my goofy hat or my policy that was designed to attract Democrat and Republican voters. This is what Libertarians need to win. It might feel good to hear libertarians reciting the traditional rhetoric, but that hasn’t gotten us very far in the past. What we are doing is working, and I refuse to change my message to bury that truth.

It took a lot to overcome my fear of publicly attacking the IRS and the government and the fear of the consequences like being outcast by the rest of society. Today I am faced with the same fear, but it is not my own. I believe that I am the best person for this job, but delegates and influential libertarians remain silent out of fear of the consequences of endorsing me. I will fight this fight alone if I have to, but this message would reach so much further with the support of the Libertarian Party.

I am asking delegates one final time to please vote for me as the 2020 presidential nominee for the libertarian party. I am asking you to be brave, overcome your fear, and vote for someone with consistency, who has refused to budge from his platform. None of the other candidates have reached as many people outside of the party as I have – and all without any support from the party. No other candidate has turned far left or far right straight-party voters into thoughtful libertarians who want real freedom from government oppression.

Remember, David Nolan, one founder of the Libertarian Party, was a radical. He was not a boring, watered-down version of libertarianism. He was unapologetic about his message and was considered outrageous to many. Every time we elect the safe choice, just because we think they’ll be accepted by the mainstream, his vision of the Libertarian Party dies a little bit more.

What good is the first amendment if you’re afraid to say what you want?

What good is the ballot if you can’t vote your conscience?

You are free. You are not government property. And the best way to defend yourself against tyrants is to put the strongest defense on the frontline. Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman has defeated more government agencies at their own game and is ready to unapologetically deliver this fight to the rest of the world.

In Liberty,

Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman

P.S. I wrote this email myself – it was not sent by my staff.

2 thoughts on “Dan Behrman: ‘I Like You, but I’m Afraid of What People Would Think if I Endorsed You’

  1. Fred Stein

    Wearing a goofy hat or a boot on your head may attract people. But unfortunately first impressions are the most important. The average person will not take you seriously even though you can be articulate. Get a TV show or MAKE a Movie and you will be a hit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,But not as a “Presidential candidate”.
    iN THE 1960’S Pat Paulsen ran as a joke for President. He got on TV all the time especially on the Smothers Brothers show. ( google that one). I will buy a ticket. But not ” the ticket” for President.

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