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Jacob Hornberger: Please Help Me Win This Nomination

2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jacob Hornberger sent the following message to his email subscribers:

We are now down to the final stretch! After 6 months of heavy campaigning — including attending some 16 state conventions and participating in around 20 presidential debates — the election for the LP presidential nomination is this Saturday.

We went full force in this campaign, including the production of four first-class, professionally produced videos, all of which will stand us in good stead should we win this nomination:

Why I Am Running for President

End the Wars

Open Borders

A Video Message to Spanish-Speaking Americans

I entered this race for one reason: I want to live in a free society. I want everyone to live in a free society. The only way to do that is by making the case for a genuinely free society to our fellow Americans. That necessary means restoring America’s founding principles of free markets, private property, and a limited-government republic. That necessarily means making the case for dismantling, not reforming, the IRS-funded and Federal Reserve-funded welfare-state system and warfare-state system that Democrats and Republicans have foisted upon our land, which have destroyed our liberty and our well-being.

Can you help us out one more time? This will be the last time people can make pre nomination contributions to us totaling $2,800. After the nomination, the contribution limits re-set to another maximum of $2,800 for whichever candidate is elected.

If you can help us out with one more pre nomination contribution, no matter the size, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you for your great support of my campaign.


  1. Kevin Kevin May 19, 2020

    I viewed your “End the War” video. You criticize actions of former presidents, without explaining your plan. You don’t focus on strategies adopted or what strategies you offer, you merely cite numbers of troops. Your critique is entirely negative, you fail to affirm anything. Does that mean, you would never deploy any troops, no matter the cause or strategy?

    That raises the question, why have a military force if they would be prohibited from any military action. Do you imagine you can fool the American people by not admitting you would not allow to exist a US military that could be deployed?

    I ask you again: can you imagine any circumstance in which you as president would deploy US troops? If not, what would be the purpose of having a military? Do you really believe Americans will vote for someone who wants to unilaterally disband the US military? Can you cite any historical example of a nation that survived without military protection (their own, or an ally, or paramilitary police force)?

  2. Bondurant Bondurant May 20, 2020

    Hornberger will probably not see your comment or respond.

    I do not know Hornberger’s beliefs about the military but many libertarians believe the military should be for self-defense and not a global police force or used for political and/or imperialist gain (as it is in many cases).

    Costa Rica does not have a standing military.

  3. robert capozzi robert capozzi May 20, 2020

    I just listened to Bumper being interviewed on the REASON INTERVIEW. I gotta say: I hope it goes to Vermin or possibly Jo. While Bumper is articulate, he shows no signs of self-awareness. He paints a very bleak picture of abolitionism with not even a nod to the idea of any sort of transition. While he doesn’t sound insane, his ideas will sound insane to most. If he’s the nominee and if he gets significant coverage (which is doubtful), he will set the brand back decades.

    He claims that “boldness” is the only way to make progress. We can look at the Bergland campaign and see that he is incorrect. “Recklessness” is not bold.

    He keeps repeating that he wants a “free society,” even though there are no significant examples of one in recent centuries, if ever. He doesn’t even consider, it seems, a freer society as being desirable and, importantly, attainable.

    If he is the nominee, he will only get NAP Fundamentalist and blind protest votes (where the voter doesn’t know of his actual positions). Half a million max.

  4. paulie paulie May 20, 2020

    He has specifically said no transition for SS. Even I’m for a softer landing than that, if possible.

    Half mil sounds about right.

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