Jo Jorgensen: Important Announcement about Saturday’s Debate … And Other News

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen released the following statement today concerning the next Libertarian presidential debate tomorrow and various campaign updates:

One week from today, the Libertarian National Convention will come to order, online rather than in Austin. I have one week to reach every delegate and alternate and convince them I’m the right person to represent the party.

Several debates and forums will help with this over the coming week.

The most critical is the debate Saturday night (8-10 pm Eastern), sponsored by the Libertarian Parties of Kentucky and Missouri, along with We Are Libertarians. Matt Welch of Reason Magazine will moderate. Representative Amash is confirmed to attend. The audience should be the largest yet!

You can watch on YouTube, or the Facebook pages of Reason MagazineLP of Kentucky, and We Are Libertarians. Share this information and invite your friends.

Make sure to vote in the post-debate polls!  If you are a national convention delegate or alternate, you need to complete an online survey to opt-in to the delegate poll. To complete the survey, go to There will be a second poll open to all viewers, which we encourage you to also vote in.

I finished second In the most recent delegate poll, and came within striking distance of Rep. Amash. The poll used Instant Runoff Voting, similar to the voting process used in convention. As candidates with less support were dropped, I gained the most support of any candidate, more even than Rep. Amash. I aim to finish first this time!

And there are more events this week!

  • Tonight (Friday May 15) the Libertarian Party of Michigan will host an AMA with Jo Jorgensen and Jacob Hornberger. I’ll be on from 7:00 – 8:00 pm Eastern, followed by Jacob from 8:00 – 9:00 pm. While only LPMI members can ask questions, anyone can watch.

  • Monday at 8:00 pm Eastern, the Libertarian Party of Texas will host their debate. The final details will be posted on their convention page.

  • Tuesday at 8:00 pm Eastern, I’ll debate Jacob Hornberger, Adam Kokesh, and Vermin Supreme, hosted by the Lions of LibertyRep. Amash has not yet confirmed.

I have the momentum needed to beat Justin Amash! Help me win!

  • Make a donation so I can win the nomination and come out strong.

  • Ask other delegates in your state to support me.  If they want to hear from me directly, let me know and I’ll reach out to them. If they want to see me in action, they can view last Saturday’s debate, the only debate Rep. Amash has been in.

Just one week left until the delegates vote. The finish line is in sight. With your support, I’ll secure the Libertarian nomination! Thank you!


12 thoughts on “Jo Jorgensen: Important Announcement about Saturday’s Debate … And Other News

  1. Jose C

    I do not know why Kentucky is sponsoring so many debates. But as many debates as possible assist us in deciding who should be our candidate. And, Jo Jorgenson is impressing me more and more as time goes on. I was not so sure in the beginning but I am being sold on her candidacy.

  2. George Dance

    Up to now, I’d thought she was running for VP nominee, after she said at LPKY she was open to being anyone’ running mate, and given her position on the radical / ‘pragmatic debate (both sides are right, and “we need both”) made her as imaginable as a running mate to Amash or Hornberger.
    But it now looks like she also has a path to the POTUS nomination: If either Amash or Hornberger is eliminated in the penultimate round, that candidates’ votes are more likely to go to her than to the other guy. There’s nothing ‘anti’ in her campaign, but she might become the candidate thanks to ‘anti’ votes.

  3. paulie

    She has some smart, competent people on her staff. I was wondering what they were doing, but it looks like it’s working, given LPKY polling.

  4. paulie

    I can’t believe I’m saying this…

    Amash just suspended.

    Makes perfect sense. It wasn’t a good year for him to run, and the party’s in a mess over just having the convention.

    Plus, he’s brand new to the party, and the polling didn’t assure him of nomination – and certainly not in a cakewalk. Running for it and not getting it would hurt him badly for the future.

  5. George Dance

    “Amash just suspended.”

    How the hell can he suspend his campaign? He didn’t even begin his campaign!

  6. Losty


    Although this year is the one year NOTA needs very serious consideration for the nominee (preserve the Republic & rule of law first), I feel he may have been the best of this lot.


    I am assuming he spent some $, why I said suspended… he can fundraise to cover that expense…

  7. paulie

    Although this year is the one year NOTA needs very serious consideration for the nominee (preserve the Republic & rule of law first), I feel he may have been the best of this lot.

    I disagree on both of those for reasons I think I have explained enough in other threads.

  8. Losty


    I’ll have to look those up, and to put it mildly I’ll trust your judgement on the second. I’ll have to look at the other candidates more closely.

    But On the first? To me it’s hard to find a more pressing need in a very long time than to vote out the current occupant and his ilk. And with that assumption, assuming one doesn’t expect the LP candidate to get to 270? To me this is the furthest from a normal year. I’ll try to find your conversations on that (other than any standard ballot access issues without a top of ticket candidate of course).

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