Jo Jorgensen: Tonight! Dr. Jorgensen Enters the Lion Den with Hornberger, Gray, Supreme, and More…

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen sent out the following statement ahead of tonight’s Lions of Liberty Libertarian presidential debate.  This is a different debate than the Libertarian Party of Kentucky presidential debate series, part four of which is also taking place tonight.

Tonight I take on Jacob Hornberger, Jim Gray, Vermin Supreme, and more at a debate sponsored by the Lions of Liberty, starting at 8:00 pm Eastern. Please attend and invite your friends. Host an online viewing party. Show your support in the comments.

With travel restrictions in place, these debates are a vital tool for reaching convention delegates, as well as independent voters. Your participation and support makes a real difference. Thank you!


PS: Another important way you can demonstrate your support is by making a donation to my campaign. Your support will enable me to win the Libertarian nomination and take on Trump and Biden.

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