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Sam Robb: Muddied Waters Twitter Poll

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Sam Robb sent out the following statement yesterday about his victory in the initial round of the Muddied Waters Media Twitter poll.


This past week, Muddied Waters Media ran a couple of online Twitter polls about the Libertarian presidential candidates.

Thanks to you, I came in FIRST in my poll… which means I got to move up to the FINAL ROUND.

That is ALL thanks to YOU and your support!

This week’s Twitter poll puts me up against with Judge Jim Gray, Vermin Supreme and Justin Amash.

Can some guy from Pittsburgh make a splash on the national election scene? The answer is a resounding YES!

Now… how BIG a splash can we make? Let’s find out!

Please vote, share and encourage your friends to check out all four candidates!

(But make sure to let them know Sam Robb is the best of the bunch! 😉

If you’re on Twitter, you can vote here :


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