Second IPR 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

IPR’s second 2020 Libertarian Party presidential preference poll has begun.  A different polling service is being used than the service used in the first poll. All responses will count.  The poll will close Tuesday at 7 PM CDT, 48 hours from now.

All candidates for president listed on are included.

Please click the link below to begin:

31 thoughts on “Second IPR 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

  1. paulie

    Any luck with getting Survey Monkey to take your payment to release the rest of the data from the first one?

  2. Anthony Dlugos

    Appreciate the work putting that poll together and publishing the results.

  3. William Saturn Post author

    It’s not easy. I have to check for fraud and duplicates. Vermin Supreme fanatics flooded the poll which makes it even more difficult. However they did provide good insights. Most will vote for Biden or Hawkins in the general election, some even if Supreme is on the ballot. Final results will be tomorrow at the earliest.

  4. paulie

    How do you determine duplicates? For example, I have more than one person at this house, so I’m guessing we would come up with the same IP. Other people are likely in the same situation.

  5. You think?

    So my wife and my daughter are both fans of the same person I am. I had to break their hearts and let them know that because we all came from the same IP, only my vote counted.

  6. Dan

    So you’re calling the results invalid because Vermin has an actual fan base who are voters??

  7. NewFederalist

    Is there not going to be any results due to the problem of multiple votes from the same IP address?

  8. paulie

    I hope no legit votes are thrown out if they happen to live together or be at the same location, have the same answers and post one right after the other.

  9. William Saturn Post author

    I went through the results and didn’t find any duplicates. The only responses I excluded were incomplete with only the state of residence filled out. I have the final results but still have to do tallies.

  10. paulie

    Irv and sequential runoff have different dynamics. Also how was the poll flooded with vermin supporters yet Jorgensen wins?

  11. Anthony Dlugos

    Maybe the same thing happens with Vermin that happened with Petersen…didn’t he have a serious poll-flooding crew, then a loud and dedicated and boisterous following at the Convention that ultimately amounted to about 20% of the delegates?

  12. paulie

    I just don’t know why we would assume flooding rather than genuine support levels. Winning the dues paying membership contest isn’t just having an online poll crew. Neither was hugely increasing LPNH paid memberships.

  13. William Saturn Post author

    Supreme won the poll overall but Jorgensen won with the delegates.

    Most of the Vermin Supreme supporters were not delegates or party members.

    The flood of votes for Supreme came in as soon as he posted the poll on his Facebook page.

  14. paulie

    Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense since his page has tons of followers:

    Richard Manzo:

    Social media statistics if anyone cares to cite them.

    Supreme: 60.8k
    Kokesh: 56.1k
    Hornberger: 9.8k
    Others: < 10k combined Facebook Supreme: 102k Kokesh: 72k Behrman: 13k (+66k on Taxation is Theft) Hornberger: 6.9k Gray: 4.7k Others: < 5k combined

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