Vermin Supreme: THE BIG SHOW!!! Polls, Debate: Vote EARLY and Vote Often!!!

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Vermin Supreme sent out the following press release today ahead of tonight’s Libertarian Party of Kentucky presidential debate.

Hello, Pony Lovers!  We here at #TeamSupreme headquarters hope this message finds you and yours happy, healthy, and safe.  We have a bit of news to share with you!

TONIGHT, The Libertarian Party of Kentucky have graciously agreed to host a debate featuring, most notably, Vermin Supreme, along with several other candidates who won party sponsored polls.  There will be a poll immediately following the debate – be sure and invite all friends and family to VOTE LOVE:  VOTE VERMIN LOVE SUPREME!!!  The debate will streamed on Facebook Live and on YouTube!

And, speaking of polls – because we know we love to vote early and vote often, please show your support and Vote for Vermin Supreme in this Ranked Choice Voting Straw Poll – and please tell your friends!

In other poll voting news, Vermin Supreme just won an online straw poll held by the Libertarian Party of Florida – like, BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER!  So thank YOU for your support!  

With 198 votes cast, Vermin Supreme secured 68 percent with 134 votes. Newcomer Justin Amash collected 46 votes for 23 percent of the vote. Jacob Hornberger came in third with 13 votes, seven percent.

“The people have spoken,” said Supreme. “The people have awoken. If not now? What? If not us? When?The future is now! Skip with me people! Skip with me!”

“Straw polls are a good indicator of the candidates that are on the mind of constituents,” said LPF Chairman Steven Nekhaila. “While polls are available for all, and not necessarily delegates, they are an important tool to take the vitals of those watching. Unequivocally, there are some clear front runners for those that are. Who will end up being our nominee? There is no clear answer until we get to our convention. The Libertarian Party of Florida is looking forward to championing our Presidential nominee, while also using their exposure to shine a light on our down ticket candidates, and take advantage of the opportunity to absorb new libertarians into the Party.”

The poll was offered for 24 hours on the Libertarian Party of Florida Facebook page. In all, 23 Libertarian presidential hopefuls were counted.

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