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Dan Behrman: Introducing Myra Matejka

Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman, who sought the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination and who is currently seeking the party’s 2022 nomination for governor of Texas, sent the following statement to his subscribers:

While I was running my presidential campaign, I made a commitment to help cross-ballot candidates. I did this because I know the value they bring to this liberty movement. Not only do they have a much higher probability of getting elected, but there are so many of them and they are local and relatable. This means they can strike at the root and change the culture that has created the monstrous government we have.

I would like to introduce one of those candidates, who was also an integral part of the Behrman 2020 campaign team from Iowa:


We have been training for this opportunity for several decades, and now is the time for Libertarians to come to the table. Never before has the mainstream talked about defunding government forces, crippling debt, police brutality, civil asset forfeiture, homeschooling, mandatory vaccination, and gun laws… all in Pride month no less. The world has landed on Libertarian issues. We are the experts of these conversations and now it is our turn to rise.

We like to talk about our echo chamber as though it is a bad thing, but it is not. The Libertarian echo chamber has helped us flush out peaceful, voluntary, civil resolutions to problems we saw coming. It has helped us recognize that ways to rebuild in this situation must be voluntary and inclusive. Now we need to put our best foot forward and show the world that we can move effectively and with innovation if we get the government out of the way.  Now we need to show the world that we can get work accomplished without force.  Now is the exact time we need to bring Libertarian ideas to the forefront.

We can not and will not win without support. The world is watching our ideals unfold, and we must have our representation in this discussion. Strategic, winnable elections are taking place across the country. We need individuals who are passionate and driven to make a difference for society. These ideals and this unprecedented opportunity are what drive me to be a voice for freedom.

I would like to ask that you engage and help build our bench with your time, talents, and donations. Your voice can be supported and most importantly heard. Let’s do this together. Join me at

In Liberty,
Myra Matejka
Candidate for Iowa House District 70

Myra has my respect and my support. If you want to support her and her fight for freedom in Iowa, you can do so by purchasing a raffle ticket here:
You can also donate directly and join her mailing list at:

In Liberty,

Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman

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