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American Shopping Party Picks Brock Pierce as 2020 Presidential Nominee

The American Shopping Party, which has ballot access in Hawaii, nominated independent presidential candidate Brock Pierce for president and Karla Ballard for vice president, according to the Hawaii Office of Elections.

Pierce is a former child actor who has had success as cryptocurrency entrepreneur.

According to Wikipedia, the Pierce/Ballard ticket currently has ballot access in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York (Independence Party), Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont, Washington, D.C., and Wyoming.

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  1. Richard Winger Richard Winger September 5, 2020

    I wrote a comment here earlier and said the Constitution Party is on the ballot in Hawaii but the state elections office doesn’t list Don Blankenship. I have just learned that the Blankenship candidacy will be recognized by the state elections office. My first comment doesn’t seem to be posted yet but in case it shows up I wanted to make this correction.

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