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Alliance Party October 2020 Newsletter

The Alliance Party sent out the following newsletter yesterday updating email subscribers on the latest party news for this month:

As we enter into the final weeks of the 2020 campaign we can reflect on where we have traveled. We entered the year without any real desire to enter the Presidential race, mostly due to being unsure if we were ready. But as wise people often say about marriage, you are never ready, just do it. And so we did.

Because of our boldness in this the Alliance Party has added a ballot access state in Mississippi and are in a position to perhaps add more. We have organized where we were not before and gained national recognition via Wikipedia, Ballotpedia and other online resources. Our media work has increased visibility and gained us higher google ratings and more web activity. Our messaging is more readily accessible to the general public.

We are aggressively targeting Maine in this cycle as it offers a unique and historic opportunity. First, by statute, it apportions two of its Electors by popular vote in each of its two congressional districts. Second, although there has been some legal challenges which we were engaged in, Ranked Choice Voting has prevailed for this Presidential Election. Because of this we are actively seeking to give voters in ME-CD2 a reason to select Rocky as their second choice with the expectation that both Democrats and Republicans will not select each other as a second choice. Our opportunity lies in that the sum total of both parties number 2 selections may exceed the individual number ones. No “third party” has ever gained an electoral vote and this can be an historical milestone for us

Below is a map that demonstrates what can be expected in each state. The darker blue denotes where voters will see our Presidential ticket listed on the ballot, most under the name Alliance Party. Three of these are accomplished via an unofficial alliance with the Reform Party of Florida, the Natural Law Party of Michigan, and the American Independent Party of California

The  lighter blue denotes states where we will not be listed on the ballot itself, but will be designated as a legitimate write-in choice. This designation allows for our votes to actually be tallied and counted.

Write-In certification is still being worked on in:

Connecticut – Kansas – Kentucky – Missouri – North Dakota – Virginia – Wisconsin

Now we must turn our attention to gaining the attention of the American voters in these states, and we cannot do it without your help. Please spread the word in your state and take the time to share and retweet our social media posts and help us reach more voters for all of our candidates.

Please help us defray the costs of ballot access. Your contributions are an investment in the changing of our broken American system, with immeasurable rewards for your children and grandchildren. We are very grateful to those who have helped us get this far…

Listen Up: After Dark Podcast

From Dan Schaefer, producer and host:

We recently completed our first year of the Alliance Party After Dark podcast. We’ve managed to keep a weekly schedule with the podcasts, which provided our listeners with a consistent format at a consistent time slot.

We started the podcast with a four-part series of interviews with Jim Rex, which helped define the tone of the podcast and set it on a trajectory that took us to many other interesting conversations. Throughout the year, we emphasized open discussions, allowing our guests to speak their unfiltered truth and allowing our audience to make unbiased judgement. We talked with representatives from FairVote, the Bridge Alliance, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, the Patriotic Millionaires, the Center for Competitive Democracy, RepresentWomen, and the Independent Voter Project to name a few. We also featured notable guests, including Ralph Nader, Theresa Amato, Lee Drutman, Katherine Gehl, David Daley and several others. We even talked with candidates for political office, including some that are not necessarily a part of the Alliance Party. And just for fun, we occasionally threw in some personal commentaries along the way.

We look forward to another year of podcasts. After the elections have concluded, there is much more work to be done. Of course, we will want to dedicate some air time toward understanding the year that was 2020, but we’ll also look ahead into a new year with new challenges, providing new and interesting opinions and topics to discuss along the way.

New After Dark: The Alliance Radio Hour podcasts are posted on Sundays .
  • The Sister District Project

    Rita Bosworth is the Founder and Executive Director of the Sister District to talk about how they are dedicated to changing the composition of state legislatures and making them more representative of their constituents. . Listen

  • Poli-Sci Professor Dr. Jennifer McCoy

    Dr. Jennifer McCoy, a political science professor at Georgia State University, offers some perspective and insight into the polarization of our political system.   Listen

  • Community Activist and Candidate Jen Perelman

    Jen Perelman, who recently ran in the Democratic Primary for the US House of Representatives representing Florida’s 23rd Congressional district, stops in to talk about her campaign and her community work.  Listen

  • A Wrap Up Of Our First 50 Episodes

    This is a special episode; it celebrates the Alliance Party After Dark’s first 50 podcasts! We get somewhat personal in this podcast when discussing our motivations for keeping this weekly show alive for the past year. We also review some of the highlights of the past 50 episodes. Listen

Meet our 2020 State and Local Candidates
tick on their photo for their website

These candidates are those who weathered the storm that is 2020. Obstacles such as COVID, state imposed barriers, and a lack of funding made getting on the ballot for many an insurmountable task. We salute those who tried but didn’t make it this time, we encourage them to try again, and salute those who made it through.
Please tick a candidate profile and make a contribution via their website to further their campaign.

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