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Free & Equal: Five Candidates Confirmed for October 8 Open Presidential Debate

Free & Equal sent out the following press release yesterday concerning its upcoming presidential debate:

Free & Equal Elections Foundation announces its second open Presidential debate of the 2020 US Presidential election, scheduled for October 8, 2020 at 6pm MDT in Denver, Colorado.

Ten presidential candidates have been invited, and five are already confirmed to participate in person at this historic debate. Criteria for debate inclusion requires the candidate be on the ballot in at least 8 states.

Co-hosted by Open the Debates, the debate will use the cumulative debate format to provide a balanced and informative dialogue among the candidates.

Invited Candidates: 

Brian Carroll, American Solidarity Party

Brock Pierce, Independent

Don Blankenship, Constitution Party

Donald Trump, Republican Party

Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism & Liberation

Howie Hawkins, Green Party

Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian Party

Joe Biden, Democratic Party

Kanye West, Independent

Rocky De La Fuente, Independent
Confirmed candidates include Brian Carroll, Brock Pierce, Don Blankenship, Gloria La Riva and Howie Hawkins.

Free & Equal’s annual tour “United We Stand” will present pre-debate entertainment with musicians, artists and thought leaders from 2:00 to 5:00pm MDT.

The event will be closed to the public and streamed live at has offered to cover and promote the event. Moderators will be announced next week.

Since 2008, Free & Equal Elections Foundation has set the standard for open, all-inclusive political debates. In 2012, we hosted the very first globally-televised open presidential debate in US history, moderated by Larry King and Christina Tobin. Free & Equal is also developing a blockchain election app in partnership with Nexus Earth.

Watch the March 2020 Open Presidential Debate.

In Unity,
The Free and Equal Team


  1. Jake Leonard Jake Leonard October 3, 2020

    Why the hell isn’t Jorgensen confirming? Is she banking on making the second presidential debate or something?

  2. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer October 4, 2020

    There are three candidates certified as write-in candidates for President here in Arizona.
    They are: Daniel Clyde Cummings (ACN) [I am not familiar with ACN or what the party that refers to
    Jade Simmons (N/A)
    President R. Boddy (N/A) (yea, first name President)
    Links and additional information such as VP candidate names can be found at:

    Each candidate has a list of the names of the associated electors available at a click.

    Sadly, Kanye West is not listed in any fashion.

  3. theButterfly theButterfly October 5, 2020

    I’m very disappointed not to see Jo Jorgensen on the list of confirmed candidates. I’ve had friends and family ask me about the third party options, because they’re disgusted with the two media-approved candidates. They ask me because they know I’m the one who actually pays attention to the third parties. Of course I’ve told them I intend to vote for Jo Jorgensen, and I’ve also told them about Thursday’s debate.

    Unfortunately, now I find myself in the position that the one candidate I want people to consider the most isn’t even going to be there. Telling people to go to the individual campaign websites and YouTube channels for each candidate is a nonstarter. That’s not what people want to see.

    Is Jo planning to have a separate debate with Howie Hawkins? She doesn’t exactly have much time left. Most people are voting early this year.

  4. Starchild Starchild October 6, 2020

    I would certainly hope Jo will participate. I think it’s important for Libertarians to practice solidarity with the other alternative parties to jointly demand inclusion in debates.

    At the very least, the candidates of all five nationally-organized parties (the Libertarians, Greens, and Constitution Party) should be included on stage with the Democrat and Republican nominees.

    The candidates of these five parties have been in the top five vote-getting slots the past few elections, and I think it’s no coincidence that they broadly represent the main spectrum of views in a manner that kind of balances each other out – Democrats on the left, Republicans on the right, both leaning toward the control end of the freedom vs. control axis, with the Greens to the left of the Democrats and the Constitution Party to the right of the Republicans, both tending to lean somewhat more toward the freedom end, and the Libertarians in the radical middle, representing the most pro-freedom parts of each side’s agenda.

  5. wolfefan wolfefan October 7, 2020

    Starchild, that is an excellent description of the spectrum!

  6. George Phillies George Phillies October 8, 2020

    Is Jorgensen banking on making the second Presidential debate? That has at the moment been cancelled, so, no.

    Not taking this opportunity to debate is, to be charitable, unfortunate.

  7. George Phillies George Phillies October 8, 2020

    Jorgensen not participating was a significant misfortune for our Libertarian party.

  8. NewFederalist NewFederalist October 9, 2020

    I agree with you, George. She should have participated.

  9. Floyd Whitley Floyd Whitley October 10, 2020

    Maybe. But then again, there is a great deal of merit to the “Rosa Parks” stance.

    Being told to sit in the back of the bus under imposed segregation mores, and then being told just to accept that “separate and unequal” position without protest is a sure way to guarantee third class citizenship.

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