Free & Equal: It’s Almost Debate Time!

Free & Equal Elections Foundation just sent out the following reminder about the third party candidates presidential debate today:

Don’t miss the Free and Equal Open Presidential Debate, tonight at 8pm EDT/6pm MDT.

It’s been an overwhelming year, and in the face of so much uncertainty, your government owes you something.

They owe you information.

They owe you candidates who represent your interests and values.

And frankly, they owe you better than the two worst options they could use to scare you into voting for one extreme or the other.

Regardless of how you vote, you deserve to know the truth – that there are more than two electable candidates running for president.

Tune in tonight to watch the Open Presidential Debate, where we’ve invited 10 presidential candidates for an open, civil debate.

You deserve better than this. You deserve an election that’s open and fair, and candidates who represent YOU.

Are you with us?

Second Open Presidential Debate 2020

2 thoughts on “Free & Equal: It’s Almost Debate Time!

  1. Longtime Reader

    To be honest, I felt like it was a technical disaster. They were supposed to stream it on YouTube, but since that link didn’t work it was just on FB. On top of that, my left ear got all the info since the audio was messed up. Aside from that, the content of the debaters was diverse enough to make it worth listening to parts of the whole thing.

  2. theButterfly

    So the debate started more than twenty minutes late with no notice or explanation; the YouTube feed never worked at all; in the first hour of the debate, they talked about nothing except third party specific issues, like ballot access and ranked choice voting; many of the questions had very poor audio; and the live stream was very suddenly cut off while the moderator was in the middle of talking. There were also flies buzzing around some of the candidates.

    Altogether, WAY more professional than the Trump/Biden debate.

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