November 2020 Open Thread

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  1. Just Some Random Guy

    So Alaska and Massachusetts both had referendums for installing Instant Runoff Voting. The Massachusetts one was fairly simple, to basically just hold elections as they are now but with the instant runoff. The Alaska one was more complicated; essentially, it abolished party primaries entirely, had one big primary election for everyone who wanted to run. The 4 people with the most votes would go on to the main election which would be decided by instant runoff voting. The Alaska one also had some measures meant to try to stop dark money, but I’m focusing on the instant runoff part here as that’s most relevant to third party interests.

    The Massachusetts one failed (54.9% no with 99% reporting), but the Alaska one appears to have narrowly passed (50.4% voted yes, with 99% reporting). So it seems a state other than Maine is going to have Instant Runoff Voting statewide, though the Alaska version is a bit more complicated.

  2. nik

    Hmm, I kinda thought there might be a summary of alternative party vote totals here, at least for president. What’s happened to this site?

    The latest I’ve found are
    Jorgensen 1,839,289
    Hawkins 385,197
    De La Fuente 70,778
    La Riva 66,362
    West 62,645
    Blankenship 57,346
    Pierce 43,387
    Carroll 21,995
    All others less than 6,300 votes each

  3. nik

    I mean, there have been five posts since the election, all content from elsewhere, no original IPR analysis at all…

  4. Ryan

    I could post a column about the Indiana Governor election results, the strong performance of the Libertarian candidate, and how the Democratic Party is dying in vast swathes of this country, ready to be replaced for second-party status.

  5. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    The American Independent Party is still promoting Trump for 2020 — even though they later endorsed another candidate for 2020:

    How often does the AIP update its website? Once every 5 or 6 years?

  6. William Saturn Post author

    President Trump won 11 million more popular votes in 2020 than he did in 2016. By contrast, in his re-election, former President Obama won 4 million less votes in 2012 than he did in 2008.

    The last time a President lost re-election after receiving more popular votes than in his election was in 1888 when Grover Cleveland received more votes than he did in 1884. Cleveland actually won the popular vote in 1888, but lost the electoral college. He ran again in 1892 and became the first (and thus far only) president to serve nonconsecutive terms.

    The last time a President lost re-election and the popular vote after receiving more votes than in his election was in 1840 with Martin Van Buren. Van Buren ran again as the third party Free Soil candidate in 1848 but received far fewer votes which amounted to only 10 percent of the total.

    The only other time this happened was in 1828 when John Quincy Adams received more popular votes in losing re-election than he did upon his election in 1824. This was a very different situation, however, because in 1824 the popular vote winner Andrew Jackson actually led in the electoral college but did not have a majority. It went to the House of Representatives where Henry Clay allegedly delivered the votes for Adams in exchange for the Secretary of State position, i.e. the corrupt bargain.

  7. Paulie

    I think akismet charged me 59.00 for spam protection for this site again. I didn’t mean to pay for that. Lost interest in politics, have not even set up my laptop in a few months or looked at this site much less commented here in months. Also I don’t use face book or messenger or email on my phone and im not going to be checking back here for reply. My life got messed up. I’m out in the boonies do voice calls are spotty but someone can text me at 205 534 1622 if they need me for anything . If anyone can sent me that 59.00 and or any other amount and take it off my card thanks. Text me for details on how. I don’t care if this site for spam protection anymore. Just trying to survive day to day . I don’t normally use phone for internet just calls only but I could use that 59.00 or anything else. Text only no emails or calls and not checking back here.

  8. Tony From Long Island


    None of those presidents had anywhere near the visceral hatred against them.

    Millions of people came out to get him out of office. So sure, he increased the size of his cult – and population growth also plays a part, but even bigger was the desire to rid of of an international cancer.

  9. William Saturn Post author

    “None of those presidents had anywhere near the visceral hatred against them.”

    The unwarranted, psychotic hatred called Trump derangement syndrome was a motivation for some voters and for some vote counters it seems. That hatred would help explain a motivation behind the seemingly (Occam’s razor) manmade anomalies presented in the link above.

  10. Tony From Long Island

    Unwarranted . . . sure . . . .

    New Yorkers have known what an absolutely disgusting human being he is for decades.

    Even if he espoused every policy I support ( whic would be impossible because he has no knowledge of any actual policies), I would NEVER have voted for such a vile person to be the face of this nation.

    I just returned from two weeks in Europe and was asked about him several times. The world now laughs at us because of him. The sooner he is in the trash heap of history the better.

    One thing that Paulie and I agree on 🙂

  11. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    New Yorkers have known what an absolutely disgusting human being he is for decades.

    His personal behavior is no worse than that of the average hot shot in Hollywood or Wall Street.

  12. SocraticGadfly

    William, yeah, I’m going to trust a Substack that didn’t start posting about this until after the election, posted twice in one day and hasn’t since. These “anomalies” have been addressed in many other places. Told W. Joseph Campbell the same when he did his latest post on Media Myth Alert earlier this week.

  13. Tony From Long Island

    Root’s Teeth . . . ” . . . .His personal behavior is no worse than that of the average hot shot in Hollywood or Wall Street . . . ”

    Sure . . . if it makes you feel better to think that . . . . .

  14. Jared

    TDS is real, but I’d say it applies to people who believe Trump is a White supremacist or a far-right genocidal dictator at heart. Criticizing his vaguely paleocon isolationist policies, shocking ignorance and loose relationship with the truth, self-serving disregard for political and legal institutions, authoritarian temperament, populist demagoguery, amoral lifestyle and history of credible sexual assault allegations isn’t enough to qualify.

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