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Alliance Party December 2020 Newsletter

The Alliance Party sent out the following newsletter Monday updating email subscribers on the latest party news for this month:

The Alliance Party wishes you a
Happy and Safe Holiday Season

As 2020 comes to a close we reflect on our successes and upon our learning opportunities in order to properly move forward into 2021 and beyond.

As the year began we had not expected to jump into the Presidential election arena, but our successes as of that point brought the opportunity to us. By the end of Spring we were fully engaged in implementing a viable national campaign.  When the ballot access dust had cleared we had 25 states where voters could select the Alliance presidential candidate-and, of those, 15 states provided ballot recognition for our candidate

In addition we began with numerous candidates at varying levels in many states; however, the COVID restrictions made the already onerous requirements for third party candidates in some states to get on the ballot nearly impossible. Nonetheless, in spite of this, we did have some outstanding candidates manage to run in a number of races

Here are the updated results as of December 1:

The Alliance Grows: First and foremost, it should be noted that the Alliance Party finished 5th overall, nationally, in a field of 36. Our state candidates demonstrated with their outstanding performances that our message resonates, and how important state and local candidates are.
Early in the year the third largest party in the state, the Independent Party of Connecticut joined the alliance as the official Connecticut State Party of the Alliance Party.
We gained much national exposure whereby the ‘Alliance Party’ name was in the hands of millions who received a ballot. We are also listed as a key player in sites such as Wikipedia, where we had no listings before.
Another result of our participation in this election cycle is a merger with the American Delta Party, gaining us a ballot qualified affiliate in Delaware. We also added a ballot qualified affiliate in Mississippi and established a new one in Rhode Island. Two weeks ago  the Reform Party of Florida voted unanimously to join us as the official Alliance Party affiliate in the State of Florida. We have gained many supporters, new leaders and are in dialogue with other parties regarding potential future mergers. We already have some candidates for 2022, and are looking for candidates in VA and NJ for 2021.

Breaking News: The Independence Party of New York has officially joined the alliance as the New York party affiliate of the Alliance Party
The Independence Party of New York is the largest state third party political organization in the nation with nearly 600,000 members.

Looking Forward: 2021 will be dedicated to expanding and strengthening our grassroots state affiliate system to ensure that we have the foundation to enable our local, state, and federal candidates to compete effectively with the representatives of a duopoly that continues to cause harm to our nation.
Building a strong support system for our expanding group of state leaders and volunteers will be an important part of our work in 2021.

If you are interested in being a leader in this historic movement at the state or local level please tick HERE.

If you are interested in a Run For Office please Tick HERE. Tick HERE to see which offices are up for election in your state


Please note that the party is 100% volunteers, no one receives any monies for their dedicated service. All contributions go to party building.

Listen Up: After Dark Podcast

Did you know the Alliance has its own podcast? Thanks to volunteer hosts and producers Dan Schaefer and Greg Russo. New After Dark: The Alliance Radio Hour podcasts are posted on Sundays .

  • Independence Party of New York’s State Chair Frank MacKay Frank MacKay, Chairman of the Independence Party of New York talks about the Independence Party and its history and influence in New York State politics, as well as politics for the entire nation. . . Listen
  • Election Review This week we briefly review how well the Alliance Party performed in the recent election. The Alliance Party had a presidential candidate this year as well as a number of “down-ballot” elections in South Carolina, Minnesota and the state of Washington  Listen

  • Energy Policy The team at the Alliance Party After Dark discusses energy and environmental policy. With a new presidential administration about to come online in January, there’s concern over whether they will be influenced more by the Green New Deal or by the forces of “Business As Usual.” The Green New Deal may appear fairly idealistic and festooned with a lot of unrelated progressive ideas, yet it does serve as a canvas upon which to begin constructing a new path forward into an energy efficient and fair economy. But will it actually make a positive difference in our lives? It’s hard to say, but it’s certainly a great and timely topic to discuss during this transitional time.   Listen




  1. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | December 10, 2020

    The takeaway from this is that the Alliance Party stole the Florida affiliate and its ballot access from the Reform Party.

  2. Thomas L Knapp Thomas L Knapp December 10, 2020

    No, that’s not the takeaway. Political parties are organized at the state level, and the choice of affiliation with any given national committee (or none at all) is entirely up to those state parties.

    If there’s a takeaway, it’s that the national Reform Party apparatus apparently was either unable or unwilling to offer Florida’s Reform Party anything to make it more attractive than the Alliance Party as a mutual affiliation mechanism with other, similar state parties.

  3. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | December 10, 2020

    The party obtained ballot access on the National Reform Party name, not on the National Alliance party name.

  4. fred stein fred stein December 10, 2020

    how do i post an article that I wrote? It is called “Take my platform please”

  5. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy December 12, 2020

    As I see it, the Reform Party of Florida is a state-level political party that chose to affiliate itself with the Reform Party USA from the time it was founded until recently. They’ve now switched their affiliation to the Alliance Party. No theft or stealing of anything.

    While I’m not actively involved with either entity at the moment, I was previously involved with an effort to revive the Reform Party of Florida. From what I saw during that time it seems as though the RP-USA exists primarily on Facebook. I could be wrong, but I don’t think they’ve even filed any of their FEC paperwork in about 8 years.

    The only candidates the Reform Party of Florida has put forward in the past 14 years was the ticket of Darcy Richardson and Nancy Argenziano for Governor and Lt. Governor in 2018. I was the campaign manager and we had to raise all of the money to secure ballot access on our own.

    American politics has become hopelessly polarized into a red vs blue nightmare. A new party that aims to build a coalition of true independents, sane Republicans and common sense Democrats could seriously challenge the two-party duopoly.

    The Alliance Party seems to be pulling together a really strong group of single-state parties like the IPNY, IPMN, the American Party of South Carolina, the Independent Party of Connecticut and now the Reform Party of Florida. I’m excited to see what happens next.

    That’s just my 2 cents.

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