Alliance Party March 2021 Newsletter

The Alliance Party sent out the following newsletter yesterday updating email subscribers on the latest party news for this month:

State of the Party

The Alliance Party has been proud this February to celebrate Black History Month, and doing so without losing sight of the fact that the necessity of celebrating the achievements of an entire race of people in one month every year diminishes the significance of their contributions and allows the greater truth to remain unseen. The fight to earn that recognition and expand it to a month in 1976 was the result of historic battles fought in the Supreme Court with landmark cases such as Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 and in the fight for the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which guaranteed the recognition of the basic civil rights of full citizenship for all Americans regardless of race.

Although decided so long ago, the arguments for equal rights should be far behind us, but sadly, they are not. The stain of discrimination based on race continues to be a mark of shame upon the United States. It is a legacy of our history that we must face head-on and defeat. America is a multi-racial and multi-cultural society that must honor the contributions of all people, independent of their color, gender identity, religious or sexual preference. Ours is a legacy of diversity that should be honored every day of every month of every year, for the idea of equality and equal opportunity is the foundation of the American Dream and the promise of America. To deny or fight against this truth, is to fight against the idea of America itself. Diversity is a fact and inclusion is a choice. Join with the Alliance Party in choosing to be a celebrant, contributor, and champion to America.

Jonathan Etheridge

National Vice Chair

The Alliance Party

Coalition Women’s Coalation

The first ever Women’s Coalition meeting was very revolutionary for our party. We discussed what we want to see and what we want to do as a women’s political group. We also set expectations of what we would like our meetings to be like- task and policy focused, promoting ways to push our party forward by recruiting more women, etc. In addition, we agreed that it should be a safe and supportive place full of encouragement and accountability. We want to help build strong women leaders and open the door for mentorship and candidacy support. This is the first step that our party needs to make sure women in our party are being heard, seen, understood, and represented. Our time is now!

The next meeting is Sunday, March 21st at 7 pm EST via Zoom. If you would like to join us, we meet virtually every fourth Sunday of the month at 7 pm EST. Contact me for more information.

For More Info Contact

We Need Your Help!

In order for us to keep up with our expansion, and grow even more we need a software platform called Nationbuilder . This is a fully-integrated software solution designed specifically for politics to help us streamline our organization and keep up with the technology of the two ruling parties.

This will help us organize and reach the right people with timely messages effectively targeted to our most engaged donors, advocates and supporters- the people who will help grow our community and scale the Alliance Party,

This integrated software platform also provides fundraising capabilities, social media marketing, polling, online petitions, and much more. Data management has proven to be the key to winning. This proven recruitment tool will also grow our grassroots leadership and add candidates to our team.

As the name implies, with this we can effectively create our community; our nation of supporters.

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John’s Corner
Did you know the Democratic Party was originally the Democratic-Republican Party?  In the early 1790’s Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, among other Anti-Federalists, split with the party.  Arguably the final straw was when the Compensation Act of 1816 was intended to raise the salaries of Congressmen from a per diem of six dollars a day to an annual salary of $1,500 per year.

Logo for the Democratic-Republican Party



We Will Show You How


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Please note that the party is 100% volunteers, no one receives any monies for their dedicated service. All contributions go to party building and candidate support.

Listen Up: After Dark Podcast

Did you know the Alliance has its own podcast? Thanks to volunteer hosts and producers Dan Schaefer and Greg Russo. New After Dark: The Alliance Radio Hour podcasts are posted on Sundays.

Gareth Fenley, who works as a Coordinator for the Economic Justice Coalition and the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, drops by to talk about voter engagement in the state of Georgia. Recall that Georgia became the center of attention during the past election cycle. The state turned from red to blue, as they elected a Democrat for the White House and shifted the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

Much of this shift in political direction is the result of record turnout among minority groups in the state. These groups persevered through an environment that was designed to suppress their vote. The stunning success of minorities in this past election was based on the work of individual people, working through volunteer organizations to overcome difficulties and get out the vote. Does this mean that the fight for voting rights is over? Unfortunately, no. Far from it. The process of voter suppression continues, and in the wake of the 2020 election, many state legislatures are actively trying to change the rules to reassert mechanisms of voter suppression. So the work of organizations such as the Economic Justice Coalition and the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda remains critically important in preserving our democracy.

Gareth shares some of the lessons she’s learned during the 40+ years of advocating for voting rights, especially throughout the American South. She is an expert on organizing people at the ground level toward making a positive change in our democracy. Listen

  • Medicine and Politics in the Age of COVID

This week we talk with the Wisconsin State Chair and retired medical doctor Michael White to get an update on COVID vaccination progress. Science and politics provide an interesting and often frustrating mix as we move toward eradicating the virus across the country and the world. Dr. White dives deep into some of the science behind the effort to defeat COVID while also paying attention to the human, economic and political cost this effort requires. Listen

  • Rhonda Neal on Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling for Women and Minorities

In celebration of Black History month and Dr. Martin Luther King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Rhonda Neal, Executive Director of the Saint Joseph Parenting Center, talks about the challenges that minorities and women face when trying to make it in a white male-dominated corporate America. Through hard work, determination and a great sense of self confidence bestowed upon her by her parents, she has broken through the proverbial glass ceiling. In this podcast, she provides inspiration and advice for young women of color who are entering the workforce. She also shares her formula for success. That formula includes building a network of trusted people, where you can talk through your emotionally difficult experiences, get advice and bounce ideas around. It also involves a lot of hard work. But the rewards are there; you just need to have faith in yourself and strength from above to get through adversity. Listen

  • Jonathan Etheridge Discusses “Intentionality”

Jonathan Etheridge, the Alliance Party’s National Vice Chair, drops by to discuss the Party’s plans for 2021 and the theme of “Intentionality.” We begin by looking back at the gains made in 2020 despite the challenges, and quickly move on to the plan for the new year.

What can the Alliance Party offer people who are on a political soul-searching journey? And what is the Alliance Party doing today to put the word out and get people to have a look? What opportunities do we see, and how can we take advantage of them in 2021? Listen in as we discuss these topics and more. Listen

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