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Libertarian National Committee Meeting Live Blog

This is the live blog of the September 11, 2022, LNC meeting, held via Zoom.  This post will be periodically updated.  Updates will appear at the bottom of the post in sequential order.

Chair was congratulated on her engagement.

Meeting has begun.  8:07 PM.  Roll being called. Missing are Smith, Nekhaila, and two alternates.  Chair reported that Smith is dealing with a small child but he did reach the call.  Nekhaila also reached the call.

Public comments: Moellman: Prefers bylaws to IS.
WV Austin Lynch is in a 2-candidate race.  Money wanted.

Austin Lynch, running for WV State Senate, District 12, spoke.  The opponent is state rep candidate now running for the Senate.

Candidate for Oklahoma Governor spoke.  Four-way race, it appears.  She appears to be doing well as a candidate.  Asking for money and for text banking to obtain money and volunteers

Volunteer for IS committee speaks on his own behalf.

Agenda is reached and is on-screen.  Committee appointments are being discussed.  Committee appointments are to be made electronically off-line. They will use approval voting, no majority is required, and motion passes without objection.  More LNC members needed to serve on the Awards Committee.  Tuniewicz: “Bulk of work reviewing candidates and deciding which awards to give.  No more than one meeting a month enough appears in general adequate.”  Harlos moves to elect the two LNC members who applied for the three openings.  Roll call.  Vote 15-0-1 in favor.

Advance to Convention Oversight Committee: Committee has some LNC and some non-LNC openings. Apparently four LNC applicants for the four LNC openings.  LNC members speak up for various non-LNC applicants to the non-LNC openings.  Ford encourages keeping some non-LNC people with institutional knowledge.  Roll call vote is required for the four LNC applicants. 11-0-4 passes.  Abstentions appeared to be nominees.

Information Services Committee: LNC members speak up for various applicants to the committee.  Many more good applicants than there are openings on the committee.

Bylaws committee: Harlos proposes to appoint Bylaws committee ASAP because in her opinion there are holes in the LNC Bylaws that need fixing.

LP Alabama polling: Many LPAL candidates are running in two party races.  Need 20% in a statewide race to get ‘ballot access’.  They want to poll for their statewide candidates and want ca. $6000 to support them.  Discussion: Is this a good investment?  Ford: Spread resources equally.  At least want a match. Can point to places in the Northeast that could use the money.  Hagopian: How much money did we spend this last time…A: Over $100,000.  Q What is the polling data so far?  Ford: What will be the total ask for the remainder of the year?  McArdle: We have asked. (Total was about $15,000 on four requests.)  Hagopian: Leads to more expenses.  Don’t do it.  Harlos: not supportive unless state party is also funding.  McArdle: Will hear from AL people with information and vote later.  Move on to next item.

Policy Manual Amendments: Motion was made. No discussion of any length.  Roll call vote.  Motion passed 15-0-0.

Harlos: Motion on receiving affiliation petitions, setting some requirements.  Q: What is ‘immediately prior’? A: I expect that we will be adding a new New Mexico affiliate unless there is litigation.  A new affiliate should start with an open public meeting not a closed meeting, even if it was the Mises Caucus, of which I (Harlos) am a member.  Claims we now have affiliates in every state.  On the last day before an affiliate left, it had members.  They should be included.  Brown (parliamentarian)  Immediately prior members are exactly like the immediate past President.

Hagopian: Concern.  If members purged prior to disaffiliation would those members have rights under this motion.  Harlos speaks in answer, as a conversation.  We can decide whether or not to affiliate someone.  These rules are the minimum, so we could encourage or insist that an applicant does more.

Obstacle: What if we don’t have access to the list of state members?  That’s the case in NM.  Also, some people may also be involved with a former affiliate that are competing with the LP.  Move to amend to strike ‘and immediately prior party members of applicable’.  Harlos seconded the amendment to her motion.

Ford: move to a vote.

No objections to the amendment, which is adopted.  Vote on the main motion. 15-0-0, Smith apparently is no longer there.

Candidate support:  Darby Burns (Nevada) wants money for a race. District 4 state legislator race highly competitive, and Democrats did not run a candidate.  Republican is 79 years old, former FBI agent. Lib delayed fundraising to hide what he was doing, until two weeks ago.  Since then has raised several thousand dollars. Republican against cannabis, for English Language mandates, against immigration.  Hagopian we raised ca. $10,000 from the bitcoin fundraiser, spent $9000, have 1200 left.  Budget says plenty is available, but budget is unreal, money is not coming in as was expected.

Nanna: LNC just can’t fund state candidates.  We can’t afford it.  Ecklund agreed with sentiment.

Harlos: BitCoin fundraiser.  Members perhaps thought money was going to support candidates, not lawsuits.  We spent on lawsuits.  Harlos was bothered.

Propose we should support members in donating to individual candidates. We must raise more money.

In the past, we gave out money.  Then we had to tighten up.  Recommendation: Candidate support committee should come up with criteria for supporting candidates.

Harlos: Commit requests to the candidate support committee to recommend to the Executive Committee on what to do.  Motion passed.

Harlos: Amend agenda to take New Mexico motion now.  Passed without objection.

McArdle: We advance to the New Mexico disaffiliation motion was noticed by Michael Duque.  Motion was workshopped by many LNC meetings.  We have had many meetings and avoided being hasty.  There seems to be sentiment on the LNC for disaffiliation.  National members in New Mexico who were polled successfully did not support disaffiliation.  LPNM did not respond to us.

Nanna: We were unable to poll LPNM members.  I urge a no vote.

Harlos: Poll asked if state party should disaffiliate.  Harlos complains that the LPNM did not share their membership information with us.  Calls LPNM a rogue board running away with assets.  Called question.  Objections voiced

Vote needed. 2/3 required.  Vote was 3-8-4 against calling the question.

McArdle tried to recognize Tuniewicz.  Harlos objects at great length. McArdle asks for a citation.  Chair found the objection well-taken.

Bowen (I think): I will support.  LPNM wanted disaffiliation, and we should give it to them.  We may be taking on additional legal costs to protect trademarks.  We may have others disaffiliating and must protect tradmarks.

Ecklund (I think): I must reluctantly support. I want to recognize NM members and protect them.

Hagopian: Calls the question. No objection.

Roll call vote: Harlos gives fine explanation of how bylaws work. 3/4 vote of entire LNC needed.  14-1-2  Motion passes.  New Mexico has been disaffiliated.

Nanna moves to adjourn. 3-12-0 motion fails.  Harlos: Move to extend by one hour.

Next issue: Adoption of goals. 15-0-0 passes without debate.

Move for Executive session on legal issues discussed on the agenda.  Move to do public comment now by agreement.

Comment:NM Board did not try to solve the problem (as I see it).  Report a timeline of events.

Reported by someone: Virginia LP Board resolved to dissolve their party.  LNC members did not like this.


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