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Libertarian National Committee March 11, 2023 Meeting Liveblog – Part 2

Came to order at 1:33 or so.  Staff reports extended by 30 minutes.  Web pages had 30 million impressions.Will attempt to use Instagram.We have made progress because of Agile task management.  We will advance from Google to Microsoft 365.  We spend way more time setting up collaborations than collaborating.  The shift from Google to Microsoft cuts us from $11,000 to $3,000 per year. Microsoft gets us email, chat, file serving, functionality same as google groups, porting all the files over, convert google sheets. The software is called Team.  (Caryn Ann Harlos asks very penetrating questions on what needs to be done.  She is concerned that a convention spreadsheet would fail on CNN.)  Tuniewicz asks about developing the needs for the conversion.  Plans in place.   Tuniewicz: Where is the gain from the conversion?  Much easier to create group chats.  Also much cheaper.  Supposed to be more secure.  Greatly eases collaboration efforts.

McArdle reports that the current system is unreliable in sending emails.  The time frame for the changeover is end of April.  Harlos confirms that public records will be accessible to the membership.  Concern expressed that the Raisers Edge was supposed to save money, and did not.  There was concern that the transition will not work well. Do we believe this change will save money?  Answer: One committee member has done the exact same transition in the corporate sector.  The new arrangement is said to be flexible.

Google is threaded; Microsoft is flattened Unclear if threaded conversations are possible..  Question if the groups can be downloaded from Microsoft. This will be investigated. Treasurer: We need the transition to happen quickly and effectively.  Time extended.

There will be an effort to evaluate and optimize CiviCRM, based on an external expert.  There will be an hourly rate with a cap.Objective is to make CiviCRM better.  Question: What will this cost?  There will an evaluation for $7000 and then an improvement phase for an additional cost.  What are we asking them to look at? Performance.  Documentation.  Permissions and Users.   LP has one of the most complicated CRM installations on the planet, with 52 sites.  Finally, Data integrity. Other issue: CiviCRM was developed for the use of states, but needs of national were not central during development.

Finally, efforts are made to improve responsiveness to state inquiries. Request is made for data on progress in improving responsiveness.  Staff reports ended.

Secretary asks to discuss delegate allocations.  Secretary notes that states can improve their delegate counts by recruiting more members.  Secretary sends to state chairs the manuals on delegate allocation and delegation chair rules.

Counsel’s report:  Counsel says he submitted a written report.  Move to executive session to enter legal strategy with Oliver Hall and all staff.

They return from executive session.  Regional reports:

Region 1: Written report submitted.  Most states have conventions.  There are also antiwar rallies.  Calls for candidate recruitment for all states. Notes that the new members who elected the current national committee want candidates to be run in local offices. States are setting up audit committees to review actions not just finances. Discussion: The largest challenge is getting people to run.  Colorado had 49 candidates on the ballot.  One won.  These are places where you can get on the ballot with a filing fee.  Report on gun control coalitions…there are in Washington far left groups that are completely opposed to gun control.

Region 2: Short report, Martin Cowan.  Discussion notes ‘smart cities’ — open air prisons — in Georgia.

Region 3: Dustin Nanna State convention electing party officers and nominating candidates.  Some states need signatures and raised money to help collect them.  Ken Moellman is running for Secretary of State in Kentucky.  Supporter asks for financial support for him.  Michigan has issues that will not be discussed in open session.  People speak up for volunteering to be on a zoning board.

Region4 Alternate report.  California has 1.06% of registered voters as Libertarian.  Submitted many comments on ballot initiatives some of which were successful.  California has a new state chair.

Region 5: PA just has their state convention. MD got 1.5% for Governor, getting them Presidential ballot access for 2024. Virginia — one faction removed the officers from the other faction.  Some state organizations have incorporated, and corporate state law sometimes overrides party bylaws.

Region 6: Tuniewicz. We are focused on communication cooperation and no drama theater.  North Dakota is trying to set up local affiliates and almost done with ballot access petitioning.  SD is having steady growth.  Iowa attained major party status.  Issue: New Mexico did not sign the affiliation agreement in 2022, and therefore the Region did not have enough members to be formed.  There is a question if New Mexico will de facto rejoin the region.

Region 8: Ford  speaks up for a former LPNH state chair who greatly increased Free State Project involvement in the LPNH.  New Hampshire Liberty Fair returned. Massachusetts “The Legitimate LAMA” had its convention this weekend. LLAMA is doing well.  Vermont Party and antiwar coalition doing well.  There are projects to flood city councils with public commentators.  Maine doing signature collection for major party status.  Rhode Island have legislation with D and R endorsements on National Guard.  New York will be discussed in executive session.  New York will also consider legislation to reduce required signature counts. New Jersey convention upcoming.

Committee reports:  APRC in closed session. Convention Oversight: Report submitted. Request for Proposal for 2026 prepared.  Call for help for Oversight Convention. Recommend a four day business meeting. Friday Saturday Sunday Monday.  Need to add a person to the Committee. Proposal to move the National Convention to an earlier date, say same time as the Iowa Caucuses.

Historical Preservation:  Report posted.  Description of ways to find material and interesting finds.  Scanning is very slow.  8600+ documents have been uploaded to LPedia.  There is a dedicated earmarked fund for supporting the committee.  They are getting requests for archival information and answering them.

Information services: items being developed and distributed.

Policy Manual change proposals: Delete a section that uses the word ‘member’ incorrectly.  Passed without objection.  There are a lot of committees.  Establishing good practice for committees is proposed.  Some committees have no advance notice of what the committee will discuss.  Attendance and minutes should be taken. Harlos notes that LNC already has directions for committees, and these directions are not always followed.

Motion to re-order items on the agenda. Passes without objection.

Policy Manual amendment, so that people who miss too many committee meetings are assumed to have resigned. There are technical details depending on who appointed the committee member. Roll Call vote: Motion passes 8-2-2.  Statement: We want to move faster and set pace for volunteers.  Some obstacles noted to being more productive.  Someone speaking very quickly, too fast to understand.

Motion to fill APRC vacancies.  There was one nomination. Motion to approve Mike Rufo by acclamation.  Passes. Motion to hold the next meeting in the District of Columbia. Vast parliamentary argument about extending time.  Not extended. Orders of teh day called.


  1. George Phillies Post author | March 27, 2023

    Due to the wonders of electronics, Caryn Ann’s post vanished into the wrong storage location and had to be rescued.

  2. Caryn Ann Harlos March 16, 2023

    Minutes are only a record of what was done, not opinion. The rare time someone wants a statement t “on the record” it is usually in a footnote and clearly marked so. Tell me you have never read my minutes without telling me you have never read my minutes. George has. He occasionally finds errors and sends them to me which I appreciate.

    My debates are certainly biased. Minutes are dry records.

    PS: George has invited me to write here. I could if I wished. I’m just too busy. I used to be a regular author.

  3. George Phillies Post author | March 16, 2023

    In my experience her minutes are honest.

  4. Don March 16, 2023

    If you post LNC minutes then you should do a liveblog (unfiltered) or summarize in order to be as neutral as possible, otherwise “independent political report” becomes “Caryn Ann’s political report’

  5. George Phillies Post author | March 14, 2023

    Posting the minutes…there may be some file conversion issues…is a fine idea. We can certainly post a link.

  6. Caryn Ann Harlos March 13, 2023

    George, I like the liveblog to see how things are being perceived or misperceived (and parsing out – not from you but from others – what is intentional and what is a lack of clarity on our part). A summary report is the minutes – if you do not wish to do a liveblog perhaps post the minutes when done and ask for commentary.

  7. Caryn Ann Harlos March 13, 2023

    Chris, Region 7 report was postponed until Sunday. It was given then and is in the One Note.

  8. George Whitfield March 12, 2023

    I don’t think a liveblog is worth the effort. A summary report after the meeting would be sufficient for me.

  9. George Phillies Post author | March 11, 2023

    The liveblog was extremely tedious to produce, and may or may not have been worth the effort. Do I hear opinions on the matter?

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