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A Rumor Devoid of Merit

Recently, it was called to my attention that I am working with Stewart Flood in forming a new political party.  I would like to thank the LNC officer who revealed this, because her announcement was the first I had heard about it.

The announcement is completely and totally devoid of merit. The claim is, to use the language of a past political cycle, lacking in truthyness.  I have no idea where the claim came from.

In America, at any time, new political parties are forming.  Independent Political Report will seek to cover as many of them as possible.  However, I am not a lead organizer in any of them.


  1. Ex-Cannoli July 14, 2023

    Frankel disavows any involvement. The parties he’s into these days are not political.

  2. Stewart Flood July 14, 2023

    Insects? Ugh!

    Yes, the strange part is that I have written about this and there is no way that my commentaries could be construed as being the co-creator of a new national party.

    A) I don’t have the energy to do that anymore;
    B) It takes a lot more than one person; and
    C) I had a massive heart attack last year (see A)

    But I do have the ability to create a state party and turn it over to others to run. It isn’t going quite as quickly as I hoped. I have good days and days when I just stay in bed because my blood pressure is too low. Less of them these days, but I still have them. So I decided to try writing. I used to have a half-page weekly column in the newspaper, and did years of talk radio, so I might be able to get back in form.

    What seems comical to me is that anyone would even make up that rumor. Again, I was told what was said and who said it, but I have not even tried to identify the actual audio stream. I denied it, sent Dr. Phillies a message, and then promptly forgot about it after having a good laugh.

  3. Jeff Davidson July 14, 2023

    Thanks for the timeline, Stewart. Trolls don’t care about facts, particularly trolls who all write one- or two-sentence comments that are devoid of content, all of whom have no identification other than simply a first name. People who disagree with Dr. Phillies have written here often, under their own names. Caryn Ann Harlos comes to mind. The reliance of so many in the current iteration of the LP on podcasts, edgelords, and social media is a sign of the growing irrelevance of the party. The vast majority of voters know Joe Rogan only as the host of a show where people ate insects for money, let alone the many virtually anonymous “libertarian” podcasters who mostly talk to themselves.

  4. Stewart Flood July 13, 2023

    I am not sure what you mean by quickly, or why that would matter. I do not know when the podcast was recorded, or even what the name is. I was informed of it by someone in the LP on July 3. I confirmed that this source had personally listened to it. I of course denied that I was working with Dr Phillies or that I had personally started a new national party.

    I have written commentaries for third party watch, so Dr Phillies and I communicate every week or two by email. He has asked several times about when I might be writing something new. At the end of a reply to a query, I told him about this rumor on July 8 – five days later. He wrote his denial of it here, two days after that. I am not sure how you turn any of that into “quickly”.

    I have written several times in commentaries, published on thirdpartywatch, that there is a need for a new classical liberal party. I will certainly not deny that I am working toward that goal. But I am not working with George Phillies.

    I have known Dr Phillies for close to 20 years. While we agree on some issues, we have had some pretty famous “disagreements” over the years. The fact that he has graciously published commentary I have recently written does not mean that he is involved in any projects I am working on. Nor is there a guarantee he will publish future writings.

    So, if your wait and see attitude is to try to find out if a certain person who made up a rumor can be somehow proven correct, you will be waiting for a long time. It is not even possible for Dr Phillies, a resident of Massachusetts, to be involved in filing paperwork to create a party in South Carolina. He is not a registered voter in this state. I and others are.

    I need to get back to writing this weekend. This thread and other events have confirmed my next commentary: Leave the Party, take the Cannoli.

  5. Ralph July 13, 2023

    Many times when something is denied that quickly, it ends up being true.

    I am taking a wait and see approach.

  6. Stewart Flood July 13, 2023

    When this rumor was reported to me, I immediately refuted it — and then informed Dr. Phillies of it.

    I was told who the source was from a podcast by someone who listened to it. I do not listen to very many podcasts, and certainly not to that one.

  7. George Phillies Post author | July 11, 2023

    The reported identification was unspecific. I have no idea which emerging party the LNC thinks I am working with. I can off-hand think of several alternatives, most of which must be wrong.

  8. Jared July 11, 2023

    With what party has this unnamed, histrionic, foul-mouthed, pink-haired LNC officer identified you?

    Just kidding, kind of.

  9. George Phillies Post author | July 11, 2023

    I did not specify which officer said this.

  10. NewFederalist July 11, 2023

    With what party has Ms. Harlos identified you?

  11. Dave July 11, 2023

    Not buying it, sorry.

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