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Clint Russell Announces Campaign for Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Nomination

Clint Russell, host of the Liberty Lockdown podcast, announced at the Libertarian Party of Florida state convention this past weekend that he is seeking the party’s vice presidential nomination at the Libertarian National Convention later this year.

“Our good friend @LibertyLockPod announced his candidacy for Vice President tonight at our annual convention! Check out his profile and podcast to learn more about him. We’re big fans of Liberty Lockdown,” the account posted early Sunday morning.

Beyond hosting the Liberty Lockdown podcast, Russell also co-hosts the Best Political Show with Luke Rudkowski. He is the second person to formally announce a campaign seeking the Libertarian Party vice presidential nomination.

Since news of Russell’s announcement went public, at least one Libertarian Party presidential hopeful, Dr. Michael Rectenwald, acknowledged his campaign by posting a gif image stating that things “just got interesting.” According to an additional post from the Libertarian Party of Florida’s official X account following the announcement, it was not specified who Russell would run on a ticket with at this time, if he even had such a candidate in mind.

Now that he’s a candidate for the vice presidential nomination, it is not yet known whether Russell will still host the presidential debate featuring Jacob Hornberger, Chase Oliver, Joshua Smith, Mike ter Maat, Lars Mapstead, Michael Rectenwald, and Toad Anderson, which is scheduled to take place at the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s state convention this coming weekend.

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