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Time Capsule: Socialist Workers Party Nominates Trotskyist Fred Halstead Candidate for President

 Jewish immigrant, had been a Gene Debs Socialist and his father, Frank, a machinist of Irish descent, had been active in the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World).

Fred W. Halstead was born to radical parents in Los Angeles in 1927. His mother, a

Enlisting in the Navy, the younger Halstead served in the Asia-Pacific theatre during World War II and later studied at UCLA. Read more ...

Darcy Richardson: Time Capsule: Trotskyist Fred Halstead, Candidate for President in ’68

By Darcy G. Richardson

Published June 2, 2013


Portrait of Socialist Fred Halstead

Fred W. Halstead, the Socialist Workers Party candidate for president in 1968, died of liver cancer at his home in Los Angeles on this day in 1988.  A longtime civil rights activist and prominent leader in the antiwar movement during the war in Vietnam, Halstead was 61 years old.… Read more ...