Bob Barr skips debate

At this very moment, an “unofficial” debate is taking place at the Denver convention. Every candidate — except Bob Barr — is participating. The venue is packed with the staffs and supporters of all the other candidates, but Barr and his staff are conspicuously absent. Sources tell me that Barr admitted to one of his well-known staffers that he chose to enter the race after the state conventions for the purpose of avoiding debates. Assuming he collects the requisite number of tokens, Barr will debate against libertarians — for the first time — tomorrow night.

7 thoughts on “Bob Barr skips debate

  1. Austin Cassidy

    This could really spell trouble for them. On a totally personal level, I think he’d be the strongest candidate in November.

    But Libertarian debates (which I’ve watched in person, on television, and on YouTube) are very different animals than anything he’ll deal with during the general election campaign.

    He might be making a big mistake.

  2. Austin Cassidy

    BTW, when I was watching the live feed earlier I would hear Bob’s voice talking to voters and it sounded like he was really standing there pressing the flesh with people… explaining his positions.

    Then they moved the camera and I realized it was a monitor showing a video of him talking to friendly questioners.

    Not that it’s a bad thing… but winning the LP nomination is kind of like getting elected student body president at a school. It goes to whoever is most popular among the small group of people that actually vote.

  3. trinman

    As long as the combination of Ruwart, Kubby, NOTA, Phillies … and all the others on the list … adds up to more than 50.000001% of those voting, Bob Barr will not be elected on the first ballot. (If he is, I predict a walkout of at least 1/2 of the true core of the LP, just as it was in 1983 (though for entirely different reasons)).

    The power of NOTA has never been stronger; it denied first ballot in 1983 (for ’84 elections), 1987 (Paul/Means), 1992 IIRC … and 2004 (Browne pulled first ballot wins in both races, much to the chagrin of those in 2000 who sought a real race for the nomination. Anyone recall who gave the NOTA nomination speech then?). If NOTA holds firm, it pushes the process to a second ballot, where Promises of Support made months (in Barr’s case, more like days or weeks?) earlier can be let go as the delegates speak their own hearts … in 2004 it gave Badnarik the chance he needed.

    If it gets to second ballot, Ruwart moves to the front of the anyone-but-Barr-or-Root pack, with Kubby right behind her. This is clearly going to be a battle for the soul of the LP, and the result will determine how many of us still have the desire to participate. I for one have refused to send a penny to the national party, but managed to keep a pledge going to my state LP for the past two years … that seems to be ending as well …

  4. Jerry S.

    trinman, surely this goes at least three and possibly as many as five ballots with 14 candidates involved !?

    Would love to hear your version of ’83. I’ve been out of active duty for yrs, came back and helped Paul. There are some on these blogs who dislike Bergland. I always thought he was a “pretty good” libertarian. Any comment?

  5. Gene Trosper

    I remember who gave that NOTA speech in 2000. I was one of the people who helped organize a NOTA campaign after I was severely disappointed by the Harry Browne scandal.

  6. G.E. Post author

    Peter – John Finan wasn’t there. Don’t know why. Barry Hess wasn’t either. He is in attendance, but hasn’t participated in any candidate events. I don’t think David Hollist is in Denver.

    Gravel, Jingozian, Ruwart, Burns, Phillies, Smith, Kubby, Root, Imperato and Link. I don’t think I missed anybody.

  7. ElfNinosMom

    Dodging debates like Barr has done is, in and of itself, more than sufficient reason to pass on a candidate.

    Add on his PAC irregularities, and his support for Republican candidates even when they had Libertarian opponents, and he should be removed from the competition on first ballot.

    Of course, he won’t be.

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