Ruwart led field with debate tokens

Unofficial numbers and rankings:

  1. Mary Ruwart (94)
  2. Wayne Allyn Root (93)
  3. Bob Barr (92)
  4. Mike Gravel
  5. George Phillies
  6. Steve Kubby
  7. Mike Jingozian

Earlier, IPR reported that six candidates will participate in tonight’s debate. The word on the floor is that there will be seven. Mike Jingozian reportedly also got enough tokens.

It is also said that Ruwart‘s and Barr‘s numbers would have been greater, but Ruwart (allegedly) sent excess tokens to Steve Kubby, and Bob Barr to Gravel. If true, this would confirm earlier suggestions of a close relationship between Ruwart and Kubby and cast doubt on reports of Gravel/Barr animosity. If Barr could win the support of Root and Gravel backers, he would be difficult for a coalition of the other candidates to beat.

12 thoughts on “Ruwart led field with debate tokens

  1. Bill Crain

    Barr would want Gravel to join him in the televised debate simply because the appearance of a former senator on the dais lends stature to the event and makes it look–to the MSM–less like a former congressman in a crowd of anarchist nutjobs. What we really learn from this, if true, is that Barr doesn’t consider Gravel a serious threat.

    I’d also guess that Barr is counting on Root’s support after the first ballot. If I were Root I’d be looking for a VP deal, which looks now like it could swing the nomination for Barr. I hope it doesn’t happen; Root’s business past would end up being an embarrassment.

  2. trinman

    the only real concern is that the “celebrity contenders” are actually talking to each other this time. Mary (or Steve) not in the position of being the “peacemaker” candidate as it was in ’04 (despite PR to the contrary, Ruwart is still coming from a spot on the edge of the field, not from some “centrist” one … thank god for that, but it complicates matters).

  3. Viverrid

    It will be very telling once the numbers come in for the candidates in the fourth to seventh place positions. Without knowing their numbers (particularly Kubby’s) it is hard to reasonably predict a winner. If Kubby is doing well, then Ruwart has a chance; if not, then Barr may walk away with the nomination fairly easily (assuming Root throws his support to him).

  4. trinman

    As always the key will be solidarity among the Ruwart, Kubby, Phillies (at least in the same ballpark?) and (don’t forget) NOTA “factions” — as well as how much Gravel can bring to the table (which I seriously doubt is Barr-convertable!)

    If Root has enough of a foll0wing that will easily switch to Barr to supplement his backers, and that combo amounts to 51% or more of the delegates voting, this may just be a waiting game.

    I predict this is not the case.

  5. Viverrid

    These numbers from Brian Holtz via TPW:

    94 Barr
    94 Root
    94 Ruwart
    67 Gravel
    63 Jingozian
    62 Phillies
    60 Kubby

    I guess it shall be interesting to see which way the Gravel, Jingozian and Phillies supporters go.

  6. G.E. Post author

    Not according to the announced totals. Root later said he had more tokens than were announced.

  7. Trent Hill

    any guesses as to where the backers of Kubby, Phillies, Jingo, and Gravel will go after eliminated?

  8. Viverrid


    I think Kubby’s backers are for the most part likely going to rally behind Ruwart. I think Phillies’ backers may split between Ruwart/Barr with a majority likely to go to Ruwart. As for Jingozian and Gravel… I have no idea.

  9. Viverrid

    Is there anyone from the convention that has spoken to the Gravel or Jingozian backers? I have heard that the Gravel supporters are not likely to go to Barr but also heard that Barr threw some tokens to Gravel. I have not heard anything about Jingozian supporters as of yet.

  10. Jerry S.

    Kubby may have picked up support during the debate. Root may have more support than Barr. We shall see…

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