Sheehan: ‘Bring the dreaded draft on’

In a message sent out to supporters commemorating the birthday of her fallen son, independent congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan takes on military recruiters and proposes a “radical” change in our military:

A “volunteer” military that counts on poverty, ignorance, a tanking economy, and false patriotism is one of the tools that the Military Industrial Congressional Complex uses to keep our nation in constant war while using the deceptive phraseology of “Support the Troops;” the same troops that they are mis-using as bullet sponges and paid assassins. Some people, who like to complain, but not get out from behind their computers to protest, are comfortable with an all “volunteer” Army because it bestows on them a false sense of safety in their lack of shared sacrifice.

But I reluctantly say: Bring the dreaded-draft on.

A forced conscription would put a crimp in the Military Industrial Congressional Complex’s wars of aggression, because the “not my kid” people would rise up and give the ant-war movement the numbers we have so desperately needed to put a swelling sea of bodies on the streets to demonstrate what 2/3rds of a nation really looks like. I want to go on the record to say that I am not pro-draft, but pro-radicalism. If it takes a draft to radicalize apathetic Americans it is better than having to be radicalized the way I was: by three Army officers appearing one evening in my living-room regretting to inform me that my first born had been killed.

Sheehan’s message also mentions that she was supposed to debate a military recruiter tonight in Berkeley, California, where the City Council recently declared Marine recruiters “uninvited and unwelcome intruders.” However, the planned event never happened:

I said I was “supposed” to debate a military recruiter on Casey’s Star Birthday, but that won’t happen because no recruiter had the balls to debate me. Is it because they know they can’t defend their immoral practices, or because they don’t want to look into the sorrow filled eyes of the mother of a soldier who died for lies (on his birthday)—could I potentially be the mother of one of their recruits? Or both?

5 thoughts on “Sheehan: ‘Bring the dreaded draft on’

  1. Gene Trosper

    The lack of a draft is, in my opinion, why the antiwar movement is dreadfully small and silent amongst the sea of state-worshiping “patriots”.

    Revive the draft and there would be such an outcry from students and their parents, the war ON Iraq would end much sooner. Sheehan is absolutely correct that people would be radicalized, but I cannot morally support a draft for such a reason.

  2. G.E.

    I agree 100% with Gene Trosper. I cannot support a draft. And yet, if there were a draft, we would not be in this horrible war.

  3. Steven R Linnabary

    Gene, Senator Gravel made the same point. He even said it was his biggest faiure, that now, without the draft, we have wars with what could be considered “mercenaries”.

    The Senator changed the way we got our soldiers, but not the stupid wars we fight. But even with a draft, I believe we would still be there.


  4. gregsarnowski

    Charlie Rangel has introduced draft legislation in the House (to make a point). It went nowhere, of course. They’ll just keep lowering the enlistment standard and paying bigger bonuses.

  5. G.E.

    This is one area where morality and utility collide. A libertarian cannot, under any circumstances, support the draft. It is immoral. However, from a utilitarian perspective, the draft would be helpful in increasing non-interventionist attitudes. This leaves libertarians in the position of fighting the draft tooth and nail, but on some level, maybe hoping it does get reinstated.

    Gregsarnowski – You might be right, but it’s at least debatable. Without the draft we KNOW that we ARE there and not coming home any time soon.

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