American Whig Party cross-nominates Barr

On its website, the American Whig Party says it “is proud to nominate the great American populist and libertarian, the Honorable former Congressman from Georgia, Bob Barr for President!” The party notes, “Long a friend and ally of Ron Paul in Congress, Bob Barr is also the nominee of the Libertarian Party.”

The American Whig Party says of itself, “Once elected, we will abolish income tax and the IRS, bring our soldiers home and end foreign wars, immediately pay every US citizen $20,000, limit all interest rates to 15% maximum, and tie the dollar to silver and gold values.”

14 thoughts on “American Whig Party cross-nominates Barr

  1. JustAHoax

    I don’t get how you can be against welfare and inflation but for printing $20,000 for every citizen. What the hell.

  2. Gene Trosper

    Every election is about bribing voters, they’re just a bit more open about it!

    “An election is nothing more than the advance auction of stolen goods” — Ambrose Bierce

  3. G.E.

    The New Whig Party is mercantilist just like the Old Whig Party — and just like Bob Barr’s old party.

  4. thearmyranger31

    Check out the national party Web site of the Modern Whig Party. The organization has 3,000 members so far and word is that the Modern Whig Party will be featured in the Military Times newspapers next week as well as the Washington Post and other outlets.

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  6. gbcool56

    Is there a New Jersey Capter of the Modern Whig Party and if so, is there a website for this chapter?

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