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Bob Barr stands up to white nationalists

Ron Paul’s libertarian presidential run within the GOP was plagued by “white nationalist” supporters. Paul refused to return a donation from Stormfront webmaster Don Black, and a county coordinator of his Michigan campaign was later discovered to be a KKK and Christian Identity member. The pages of the American Free Press, which many consider racist and/or anti-Semitic, are filled with praise for Ron Paul alongside white-supremacist advertisements. And of course, there was newsletter-gate, which many blame for Paul’s poor showing in liberty-loving New Hampshire.

Bob Barr is taking a proactive stand against racial collectivists.

In a story broke on Reason’s Hit & Run blog, the Barr campaign discovered a man named James Buchanan (presumably not the famous economist or the deceased president) had endorsed Barr on a “white civil rights” Web site. Here is the text of Mr. Buchanan’s endorsement:

White conservatives and White Nationalists now have an unpleasant choice:

They can vote for the Libertarian candidate Bobb Barr, an honest, decent man, who has consistently stood for conservative principles even though he stands no real chance of winning. A vote for Bob Barr would at least send a message to the Republican Party that conservatives and Whites won’t sit still as they are stuck with a liberal presidential candidate like McCain. Supporting Bob Barr might even pave the way for a Third Party to replace the increasingly repugnant Republican Party.

Or patriotic Whites can vote for John McCain despite his earlier attempted Amnesty treason and despite the warmongering for Israel and despite his mental instability and despite his multi-racial family –just to try to keep Obama out of the White House.

While I can appreciate White people making an effort to keep a Black liberal out of the White House, McCain is almost certain to lose according to all the recent opinion polls.

To this, Barr’s campaign manager Russ Verney responded:

The Barr campaign is not going to be a vehicle for every fringe and hate group to promote itself. We do not want and will not accept the support of haters. Anyone with love in their heart for our country and for every resident of our country regardless of race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation is welcome with open arms.

Tell the haters I said don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way out!

Stephen Gordon, a consultant for Barr and editor of Third Party Watch, added, “We denounce anybody who doesn’t want to treat everybody equally under the law.”


  1. Andy Craig Andy Craig June 2, 2008

    While I wholly agree with Paul’s argument about the money, this is probably a much better way to handle this. Lack of any serious ‘message control’ was one of Ron Paul’s biggest failures- his unwillingness to outright condemn some of his more questionable supporters allowed pretty much any one to attach any message to his own. Thus nonsense like “Ron Paul is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist!”, when he plainly wasn’t.

  2. G.E. G.E. Post author | June 2, 2008

    I don’t think comparisons between 9/11 “conspiracy theorists” and white supremacists are valid. But I agree that Barr is doing the right thing here. I would still keep their money if they sent it, though!

  3. Andy Craig Andy Craig June 2, 2008

    I think it’s valid to compare the two- I wasn’t equating them.

  4. Steve Perkins Steve Perkins June 2, 2008

    I love the repeated references to “the haters”. Very hip-hop!

  5. G.E. G.E. Post author | June 2, 2008

    I think Cowboy Troy was in Denver on Barr’s behalf. That’s about as hip-hop as it gets.

  6. Steve Perkins Steve Perkins June 2, 2008

    In all seriousness, this is definitely something that Ron Paul should have been more proactive on. When I was trying to talk up Paul on a number of political sites back during the primaries, the number one thing that Republican posters loved to throw at me was Paul’s support among anti-semites. Once people learned that hate groups liked the guy, and that he refused to turn down their money, their brains simply shut off to anything else Paul might have had to say.

    Putting morality aside… even from a pragmatic standpoint, that kind of reaction was NOT worth the few thousand bucks here and there that hate groups might have provided. Glad to see this campaign has picked up on the lesson.

  7. Arthur Torrey Arthur Torrey June 3, 2008

    Of course there is also the desire that people forget how Barr has appeared on the stage of the “Council of Conservative Citizens” to make positive speeches – this is a group with a clear racist history as an elitist version of the Klan, and goes well with Barr’s history of donations to other Republican candidates with suspect histories on the race relations front…

    Barr subsequently claimed “he didn’t know what the group was” – though it was pretty obvious to anyone doing even a rudimentary investigation…

    Of course this could just be a part of Barr’s spin, the same way he only wants to repeal the Federal part of DOMA, so that discrimination against GBLT’s can be carried out as a “State’s Rights” issue – as he told me personally in Denver…

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