Constitution Party of Oregon holds state convention

The Constitution Party of Oregon held its’ statewide convention on June 7th and nominated a slate of candidates for Federal and State offices.

U.S. President – Chuck Baldwin –
U.S. Vice-President – Darrell Castle
U.S. Senate – Dave Brownlow –
U.S House District 1 – Scott Semrau
U.S House District 2 – Rick Hake –
U.S House District 3 – Michael Marsh
U.S House District 4 – Jaynee Germond –
U.S House District 5- Doug Patterson –
Oregon State Treasurer – Bob Ekstrom

CPO Chairman, Jack Brown, Jr., said,

Oregonians will be facing an electoral crisis this November. While the rhetoric and sound bites between the Republicans and Democrats will be honed to appease their various voting blocks, there will be virtually no discernable policy differences between the candidates of either party.”

One candidate will argue that we need more federal dollars for health care, highways, farms, foreign aid, foreign interventions etc. – while the “other” candidate may argue that we need a little less. But, we can be sure that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will argue that the very premise of our welfare/warfare state is unconstitutional and should be dismantled.

This leaves Oregonians in the unconscionable position of being forced to choose between candidates who have stated clearly that they have no intention of honoring their oaths to defend the U.S. and Oregon Constitutions. A simple coin toss may prove a more effective means of choosing between the “two” parties.

Additionally, Rick Jore (C-MT) addressed the convention on the REAL ID revolt in Montana and the Heller gun-ownership case.

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