Cynthia McKinney ‘telecommutes’ to Illinois fundraising event

Short of an “October Surprise” before the Green Party’s national nominating convention this July, Cynthia McKinney will be the party’s presidential nominee. She already has enough pledged delegates to take the nomination on the first ballot.

Perhaps nothing better exemplifies her strength as a candidate than an upcoming fundraising event hosted by former Green candidate for Illinois Governor, Rich Whitney. The catfish-dinner event, to be held tomorrow in Carbondale, Ill., has received media coverage, despite the fact that Ms. McKinney will not even be attending — at least not physically. She will, however, give a teleconference talk with Q&A session after the $10-a-plate meal.

McKinney’s rivals for the Green Party nomination — Jesse Johnson, Kat Swift, and Kent Mesplay — have received far less media attention and donor support. It’s difficult to imagine a fundraising event held by one of them, particularly one for which they would not even be in attendance, would receive media coverage.

Rich Whitney, the catfish-dinner host, received 10% of the vote in his 2006 gubernatorial bid. He recently parted with left-over campaign cash by matching contributions made by individual donors to McKinney’s campaign, up to $250.

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