Former Green wins Montana GOP primary for U.S. Senate

Bob Kelleher, a former Green who sued the Montana University System for excluding the Green and Libertarian candidates from a gubernatorial debate in 2004, scored an upset victory in the Montana GOP primary race for U.S. Senate. Kelleher, who still maintains his Green beliefs, will be the Republican nominee versus Democratic incumbent Max Baucus. The Montana Green Party does not currently have ballot access.

The theme of Kelleher’s campaign was “no more tax cuts until hunger, health, HRDC, and job needs are satisfied and social security, Medicare and Medicaid funds are secure.” Ballot Access News reports that Kelleher apparently raised less than $5,000, as he did not file FEC reports.

With his nearly 10,000-vote victory margin, Kelleher defeated the former Republican majority leader of the state house, and a wealthy businessman.

5 thoughts on “Former Green wins Montana GOP primary for U.S. Senate

  1. Fred Church Ortiz

    I suspect Baucus will come up with some snarky GP-GOP collusion remark before the day is through.

  2. G.E. Post author

    You know, there’s always a “risk” of being elected when you sign up to run. One of those one-in-ten-thousand chances just got cashed in.

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