Libertarian Jason Gatties promotes birthday fundraiser this Saturday

Michigan Libertarian activist Jason Gatties will turn 33 this Saturday. He’s asking that fellow libertarians give “the gift of freedom” and make a $33 donation to his campaign for Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees.

Mr. Gatties is only one of two Michigan Libertarians running for non-partisan office in 2008, and the only to do so in a non-statewide race. Thus, he likely has the greatest chance of victory. He is running in a race which allows voters to choose three candidates, and he is the only challenger against three incumbents.

The Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees has a six-year term. Gaties is calling on the Board to become more fiscally responsible when it comes to the day to day operations of the school, including privatization of non-academic services. Mr. Gatties has also criticized the current Board’s lack of communication with staff, students, and the general public.

The donation section of Gatties’s Web site is not yet functional, but will debut on Saturday.

14 thoughts on “Libertarian Jason Gatties promotes birthday fundraiser this Saturday

  1. Mike Theodore

    Damnit. Jason, I’m broke, and theres not enough quarters in my jar to add up to $33. Maybe I’ll be able to scrap it up once I start getting paychecks, then I’ll send in a late one.

  2. Jason_Gatties

    Get on facebook & invite 33 people to my facebook group and we’ll call it even 🙂

    Seriously, its cool man. Getting a few donations would help, but its not like I’m expecting a “money bomb” or whatever.

  3. Mike Theodore

    I know, but imagine that. A Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees money bomb. I’ll send in what I can eventually, if I can by mail. I don’t have one of those paypal things. Now I’ll do what I can on facebook. 😉

  4. G.E. Post author

    Jason – You should go for 33 contributions of $33. That’s $1089; not a bad start.

    I’ve signed up to contribute. Who’s #2/33?

  5. Fred Church Ortiz

    I’ll throw in $33. Are you going to have a direct CC donation form Jason? Paypal’s lame.

  6. Jason_Gatties

    For this particular fundraiser, it will be strictly pay pal. We are in the process of applying for a Tax ID number from the IRS so we can open a checking account and in the next week or so, we should have the ability to take checks & money orders.

    At first, I was going to keep it to strictly pay pal because I frankly didn’t think I would get much interest in donations. I really under estimated that. So now we are scrambling to get the Tax ID number so that we may open a checking account.

  7. Fred Church Ortiz

    Well, I don’t like paypal but I still have it. Couldn’t resist the opportunity to bitch though. Filtered bank-transfer for Liberty this Saturday 😀

  8. Jason_Gatties

    Or you can send a check! As I stated, we now have the ability to take checks or money orders mailed to us. That just happened a few hours ago. The only thing we can’t do is like a direct ACH transfer or whatever.

    My wife is putting the finishing touches on the script tonight and it will be ready to go 100% by midnight Friday (Saturday)

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